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  • Court House Interview Essay

    A court house is where a lot legal issues are resolved or deferred to another court or a higher authority. However, the individuals who make up the court range from a clerk all way to a judge. These individuals all have different jobs in which make the court run smoothly. With the court system everything needs to be organized and have a systematic approach. In this paper I will be discussing an individual who works with the Middlesex County Superior Court in the Civil Law Division, her title is…

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  • Media Negative Influences Court Outcomes

    How media negatively influences court outcomes Social class, cultural beliefs and commitment to religion were the only influences society built their trust in when it came to adopting normative behaviors and determining justice within a controlled society. Unfortunately, those influences are a thing of the past. The most powerful influence in our society today, is the news media. News media have dominated the ability to Impact our daily lives and now has the power to influence judicial outcomes…

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  • Essay On Texas Judicial System

    (Andrew 3). Through several amendments and evolvements, the courts in Texas have become what they are known as today, and are made up of 5 levels and each have a place in handling specific cases. There are the district courts, one of the main courts for trial and handling a large range of cases. There are…

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  • Operation Hailstone Summary

    On the 25th of October I attended Canterbury crown court. The proceeding I observed was a sentencing and named ‘Operation Hailstone’. I will firstly make an overall summary of what happened and then reflect and analyse on my experience by highlighting what surprised me, what didn’t, what I learnt and what the whole experience has done for me. Once I had been through security and was seated in my chosen court room the judge walked in and the judges clerk announced the charge on Anthony Baker,…

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  • Court Clerks

    In the courthouse there are three type of court managers which are clerks of court, chief judges, and court administrator. Each of one these managers play a role to manage the courthouse. “The clerks of court are responsible for docketing cases, collecting fees, overseeing jury selection, and maintaining court records “(Neubauer & Fradella, 2014, p.131). It is important to have these people in the courthouse because they are the one who keeps up with the data and storage it for future…

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  • The Pea Play Character Analysis

    In “the Plea”, there were characters that has their only story of dealing with a plea trial. The characters were in different places dealing with different pleas. A plea bargain is an arrangement between a prosecutor and a defendant whereby the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge in the expectation of leniency.. For example, there are four main characters who have one similarity which is they took the plea deal. Arma Stwert, Charlie, Patsy Kelly, and Kerry Max Cook. Character Arma…

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  • A Summary Of Forensic Interviewing

    According to Wisconsin Chapter 938, the Juvenile Justice Code, the standard of proof needed in order to find a child delinquent is clear and convincing evidence, unless the child is placed under jurisdiction of the adult court under a waive, in which case the standard of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt (938.243 (h)). The standard of proof needed for juvenile matters is greater than CHIPS or civil actions, where all that is needed is a preponderance of evidence, but less than what is needed to…

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  • Small Bedroom Observation

    I knew Professor Flower was my favorite professor when he stated “I will never repeat an outfit”. From day one he presented himself with so much integrity and seemed to have a great deal of authority but wills it with such grace to the point where you can’t help but wish to become him. His gentleman like demeanor lingered in the air and it was contagious. He presented himself as the strap up your boots and make it happen type of man (but he wouldn’t actually be wearing boots, of course, more…

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  • The FITD Technique: The Foot In The Door

    The topic that I am analyzing is known as the foot in the door (FITD) technique. The FITD technique is defined as getting someone to agree to a small favor in hopes that the participant feels helped and/or cared for; the moment the initial favor is fulfilled, the person follows up by asking for an even bigger request. Two researchers in 1966 named Freedman & Fraser discovered the FITD technique. From their research, they concluded that it is one of the most effective compliance techniques. Also,…

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  • Reflection On Mays Landing Court House

    On the day of Friday October 21st, 2016, at the scene of Mays Landing Court House inside the Criminal Division court room, the Honorable Judge Damon G. Tyner, JSC presided. Throughout the day Judge Tyner observed both sentencing as well as motion cases. Before arriving to the court house I reflected on my expectations; I was expecting to see this large courtroom with ten to twelve rows and massive windows. I expected to hear no talking while the Judge spoke, I also expected most to be dressed…

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