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  • Accelerant Canines In Fire Investigation

    Introduction Fire investigators have many different types of technology and equipment available to them today to assist in the investigation process. Accelerant canines are becoming a more commonly used piece of “equipment” used by fire investigators today. Accelerant canines have many uses in fire investigations and other investigations as well; they do require specific training in order to do this work however, also; there are some challenges faced with accelerant canine findings in the court…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Sarah's Legacy

    Mary’s legacy Sarah goes to A college named Texas State. She belonged to a dorm house on campus. Her friends would go to rodeos every weekend. This weekend her friend Emily begged and begged for her to go. She wasn't into country and cowboys. She went anyways. When she arrived it had just began. THe first rider up was called on. His name was Lane Brown. While he was on the wild bull, Sarah caught his eye. Riders of all went on after. Good ones, bad ones, and even the donut guy. Lane was the…

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  • Children In Court Case Analysis

    Chapter five (5) discusses certain civil rights and a right that has been of controversy in the past ten (10) years has been the rights of Children in both Criminal and Civil cases. Children are considered people that have not yet met the definition of majority – this varies from eighteen (18) to twenty-one (21) years of age1. One of the first examples would be: if a minor signs a contract they are not to be held liable unless these contracts are for necessities. Usually when a minor commits a…

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  • Why Sport Is Important To Me

    practicing and reviewing scenarios, making sure I was fully prepared for the game. As night came I began to get more and more nervous. As soon as I arrived I began less nervous, and less pressured. It hit 8:00 and the whistle went, I was sitting on the bench waiting for my time. 2 minutes before the the 2 quarter had ended I was called up to be swopped for our Guard. The whistle blew again and the game started, I got the ball and brought it up the court, calling out “41” (A offensive play” We…

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  • Human Error In Criminal Justice

    In law and rulings many things affect the outcome like criminal record, time period, and precedent amongst a few things but our main goal should always be justice. Procedure and process are key by all means but you may follow every step in a manual or recipe right and still produce an outcome unlike you are supposed to its human error our main goal should simply be that of justice. If we can simply take our time and be persistent the truth of every situation will make itself evident we shouldn’t…

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  • Personal Narrative: Meta's Life Experiences

    loud big green coat on the ground, and slip on it. She remembers when she felt it happen really fast that she could not even stop herself and end up hitting her left side of her forehead just two fingers above my eyebrow on the corner of the lunch bench. Meta recalled that she might have looked awful, for she remembers that she does not cry cute at all when she was little. She sat up still crying about her hitting her head really hard, but had not realized that she have a deep cut. However, she…

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  • Adjudicatory Hearing

    Adjudicatory hearing – This is the actual trial that occurs in a juvenile case. The judge in this hearing will determine whether the facts in the petition (which will be defined separately) are actually true. This decision is made after the judge hears all of the information, along with any testimony. The entire process in an adjudicatory hearing is similar to some of the structure in that of an adult trial, but the hearing is a bit more controlled and without a large amount of the “adversarial…

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  • The Importance Of Integrity In Justice

    Integrity is an important factor in determining a judge’s ability to fulfill their judicial duties. The integrity of a judge relies substantially on their ability to uphold ethical standards, especially in difficult or controversial situations. Depending on the circumstances, some actions qualify as either ethical or unethical. However, there are some actions are always considered unethical regardless of the circumstance. Defining the ethical nature of some common practices helps to maintain a…

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  • Magna's Five Sectors Analysis

    The citizens of Magna est Terra unite these four separate lands to ensure success for further generations. Everyone in this nation is equal under law. We shall never leave any man or women behind, and we will remain united through any and all tribulations. Article I- This article of the constitution sets up our Five Sectors. 1.1) Agriculture: Agriculture spreads across most of the land in the idea that you can get food from anywhere, but the Agricultural sector houses and produces all edible…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Breach

    I was sitting on an old wooden bench. It creaked when you sat down on it and it shook, but there was nothing wrong with it. It was discolored from the long, brutal winter we had and it had graffiti on it from the local gang. People never sat on this bench. There were other benches that were surrounding it, but everyone avoided this one. I never could figure out why they did not sit on it. I mean, sure it creaks and shakes when went you sit on it; and the graffiti is unpleasing to the eye, but…

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