Court House Interview Essay

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A court house is where a lot legal issues are resolved or deferred to another court or a higher authority. However, the individuals who make up the court range from a clerk all way to a judge. These individuals all have different jobs in which make the court run smoothly. With the court system everything needs to be organized and have a systematic approach. In this paper I will be discussing an individual who works with the Middlesex County Superior Court in the Civil Law Division, her title is a Judiciary Clerk 3. I interviewed via email a lady name Samantha. She works in the Superior Court for the county in which I reside. The Superior Court is the biggest court for the county. Samantha has two separate roles in her job. She has a desk in the civil records department while sometimes she has to assist in …show more content…
She sometimes when needed will be a court aide which assist in the courtroom during the cases. As she mentioned if a permanent clerk is out people within the department will be sent to clerk. Samantha can do either she be an assisted court aide or a clerk. As a clerk her main job is to run the recording equipment. We know from tv or our own court appearance everything is documented via a recording. This is to provide a way to listen to all sides and to maintain everything is adding up if questions arise. When Sam is working in the courtroom she monitors the recording equipment and make sure they are properly working at all times. There is also paperwork that comes with being a court clerk or clerk aide. She will handle paperwork such as filling out orders and picking a jury. As an aide there main focus is the court paperwork and making sure everything runs smoothly. The court aide is also in charge of the jury. Did you ever the individual who is running back and forth in the courtroom? This is Sam. She will alert the judge when everyone is ready and she will lead the jurors in and out of the

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