The Negative Effects On Society's Perceptions Of Justice

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How media negatively influences court outcomes
Social class, cultural beliefs and commitment to religion were the only influences society built their trust in when it came to adopting normative behaviors and determining justice within a controlled society. Unfortunately, those influences are a thing of the past. The most powerful influence in our society today, is the news media. News media have dominated the ability to Impact our daily lives and now has the power to influence judicial outcomes in the courtroom. This paper will examine the relationship between, the news media reporting on high profile criminal cases and the negative influence they have on society’s thoughts of justice in the courtroom.
Innocent until proven guilty has been the basic law that all courts follow in the courtroom (Mastroianni, 2012). That idea has become unrealistic now that the news media has such a major influence on opinions in the courtroom, causing court cases to become more complex than necessary (Mastroianni, 2012). All members in the courtroom serve different purposes and have different duties. The interest of the judge is to maintain order and privacy during courtroom proceedings (Kent, 2016). Judges are also aggressively involved
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Many academic theories explain that the perspective of social constructionism is how (Fox, 2007). Social constructionism is the belief that reality is based entirely on the information we gather from social interactions, rather than from educated knowledge or insight (Fox, 2007). Many theories of mass media also state that heavy exposure to media-generated news may eventually convince viewers that the reality presented in the media is an accurate reflection of social conditions (Fox, 2007).To see the world as it is portrayed in the mass media, would clearly generate numerous of incorrect views and opinions (Fox,

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