Successful Insanity Defense

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General Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful Mental Disorder Defense
Despite many characteristics mentioned in the above, the fact that most individuals found NCRMD have had previous contact with the psychiatric system or history records with the criminal justice system are very interesting to acknowledge. When compared with individuals with successful the NCRMD defense and unsuccessful NCRMD defense, individuals with NCRMD found more involvement with the psychiatric previously(Gullets, 2016). It suggests that the offenders who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder in the past have more possibility of successful NCRMD defense compared to others with no previous records with the psychiatrist. In another words, the previous records
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Some people are up against the concept of insanity defense where they believe everyone who commits crime must take the criminal responsibility for their deviant behavior. On the other hand, there are group of people who believe the NCRMD is necessary in our criminal justice system, in order to sustain the equality for mentally ill person. Thus, the question of whether NCRMD is necessary in our criminal justice system is not a black or white question where there is a clear answer. However, the truth is that the NCRMD defense has created in our criminal justice system with a good purpose of providing equal rights for the mentally disordered people. This criminal defense does not exists and works as the sink hole for the accused to easily escape or avoid his or her criminal responsibility. Statistical numbers where less than 1% of the criminal case resulted with the NCRMD in Canada and Canada has approved the verdict of NCRMD less than the U.S explain that this defensive tool is working properly. With these major factors and purpose, the NCRMD defense is a significant tool that provides equality in the criminal justice system. However, some of the problems associated with the NCRMD are represented to the public in a wrongfully, where some people feel antipathy about the NCRMD. Our government and criminal related agencies should put some efforts to correct the misunderstandings by the …show more content…
Gulayets.M(2016) emphasizes that one of the possible reason for the general confusion and misunderstanding by the public is that people generally do not understand how and why a accused at the court is found NCRMD. General populations in our society other than the legal professionals, we are not familiar with the laws and how the legal system works. People do not have many opportunities to actually have some forms of interactions with legal system. Most interactions come from the news reports or articles about the criminal cases with the brief explanations about the criminal cases and verdict given by the judge. Thus, it indicates that our society is in an environment where people can have limited knowledge about the criminal system and the

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