Mental Illness And Crime Essay

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Running head: Mental Illness and Crime

Mental Illness And Correspondence To Crime
Daniel Costeira
Criminolgy CRM 360 Dr. Jaeckle Flagler College Abstract
Individuals with mental illness affect the United States criminal justice system, as at least one quarter of the general population, including those in prisons, jails, or on probations is mentally diseased. Most inmates have reported symptoms or a history of a mental health disorder. There are concerns regarding the growing population of the mentally afflicted and the significant need for treatment within in system. The well being of mentally ill individuals who are involved within institutions is being questioned along with the quality of safety that is provided within facilities. The processing of mentally ill offenders in the criminal justice system and how to reintegrate these individuals into society is a main challenge based on the insufficient care they receive within the current practice of the criminal justice system.
Key Words: mental illness, growing, safety, reintegrate, care

Law enforcement is the main derivation of governmental contact that mentally ill offenders receive.
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The Consensus Project produced a study that depicts “police departments of U.S. cities with a population greater than 100,000, approximately 7 percent of all police contacts, both investigation and complaints, involved a person believed to have a mental illness” (Council of State Governments, 2002). Law enforcement officials constantly have to put themselves in harms way when handling incidents with mentally ill offenders. In year 1998, “mentally ill offenders killed law enforcement officers at a rate five and a half times greater than that of the rest of the population” (Council of State Governments, 2002). Emotionally disturbed persons compromise the safety of many, while many are compromising theirs as

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