Essay On Mental Illness In Prison

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For years, people diagnosed with mental disorders or psychiatric illnesses are being sent to the United states prisons. America needs to ask itself, why are so many people with mental illnesses hammering through the nations criminal justice system? Is the rising population of mentally ill prisoners in correction facilities not considered a critical issue that needs to be addressed quickly? The government claims to be concerned with the publics security and well-being, so why are they not supporting their citizens’ rights, especially for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Furthermore, why aren’t they implementing the eighth amendment behind prison walls? The eighth amendment actually prohibits cruel and unusual punishment and provides …show more content…
Correctional officers are held legally responsible to analyze their prisoner’s mental health needs; which includes the delivery of medications, treatment, and other forms of therapy (Osher et al.). By refusing to comply with the law and neglecting to arrange mental health services to the mentally challenged during custody, the United States government has failed to protect and defend many of its citizens. Criminals with mental disorders may be as guilty as the convicted felon who committed first- degree murder, but they should be treated differently in the criminal justice system. For, they have the mental capacity of an ignorant child and their disorder should be accounted for when imprisoned. “Many individuals with behavioral health disorder under correctional control have diverse and complicated needs, but with appropriate supervision and services, they are capable of recovery and ending their criminal justice involvement” (Osher at al.). Mental health services should be provided in prison for inmates diagnosed with a mental sickness to further protect the U.S. citizens, slowly diminish the criminal behavior in America, and to improve the nation’s overall mental

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