Social Constructionism: The Existence Of Religion

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“Social Constructionism is a theory that explains how things happen. This is the social construction of reality, truth, and meaning that are products of an ongoing social process of experience, interpretation, and institutionalization” (Denton). The social world is not by any means given, natural or completely determined; it is created and conveyed people. Often times people’s interpretation and institutionalization are formed by others. Another person does not know another individual’s thinking/experience however, that person could influence how that individual perceives something. It is weird to think reality or the real world is not real; individuals could literally change the future and even the world.
Social constructionism plays a major
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If people do not believe, there would not be any religion. Also there must have been a story told, and this doesn’t mean experience (experience doesn’t make a religion). In other words, someone needs to tell and people to believe it. In a religion, there could be hundreds or even thousands of different sects and they all have this idea in common which is they are the true religion. There needs to have a story for a religion to be made, the story may or may not be true but if people believe it, they will probably have a sense of control; and maybe then they will agree upon what is true and what is not.
When these religious truths are deconstructed, this will attract the community and will make them work together with a common interest (the religion). Although deconstructing these texts will be tough because they cannot academically know if it is true or not; these people will learn more about their religion (maybe even new information) and they will feel closer or even relate to their religion more. When understanding something, it equates to the feeling of calmness and the sense of
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Agnosticism remaining neutral, having no assumption like if god is real or not” (Denton). Social constructionism leads to these methods because it is said that people’s interpretation and institualization are influenced by different people. Relativism is being open minded and since it is one’s own interpretation, why should one get change their mind based off of another person when it is their own reality. Agnosticism, similarly when one’s own experience, how one perceive and institualize a religion. Without the influence of another individual which is basically having an open mind. This is quite tough for any human because everyone has an opinion and will judge something. It is even more tough when you believe in a religion because they tend to be not so open minded and does not remain neutral about their judgment. Social constructionism is a theory that is used in the Academic study of religion. The reality, truth and meaning are the products of the experience, interpretation and institutionalization which is done by the human beings. This theory gave us a whole new perspective of realities.This helps to realize the insight of reality, concepts, idea which are shaped by human selection. The human brain imagines and create ideas such as using a green rectangular material as a form of currency (dollar) or even creating a language for humans to communicate and helps them in their

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