Essay On Constructivist Classroom

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Constructivist Classroom Scenario Essay If one were to see the word Constructivist and try to tear it apart, they may get lost in the word. First, they would see the verb construct. It is understood construct means to build. They may also see the adjective constructive. This could be like constructive criticism in which we are building off of the advice of others. Then, we know that any word with ist at the end means “one who”. When put together, we see one who builds or one who builds off of the advice of others. The definition for Constructivism would be, “A theory of learning that describes the central role that learners’ ever-transforming mental schemes play in their cognitive growth.” How does this relate to building? By looking at the characteristics of constructivism, differentiation in the theory, and how this theory looks in a lesson form, one can see the honest building of a student’s ability through the Constructivist Teaching Style (Brooks & Brooks, 1999).
Constructivist Characteristics and Inquiry-Based Learning
Vast. Mysterious. Engaging. Three words to describe our Solar System, and three words that
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Science is centered around understanding the reasons why behind all parts of life existence. Students must be able to connect their experiences to their ability to understand. In this process, students have the ability to practice hands-on learning. They are taking the information and doing it. Productive teachers, “…use students’ ideas about science to guide lessons, providing experiences to test and challenge those ideas to help students arrive at more sophisticated understanding.” Teachers should be pushing their students to think outside of the box (Wing-Mui,

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