Realism, Liberalism, And Constructivism Essay

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Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism are all three important theories in the world of International Relations and while there are many differences between the three perspectives, there is still one main similarity. Realism and Liberalism are well-known theories, while Constructivism happens to fall into the category of alternative views. Anarchy is a condition of International Relations that requires states to rely on their own power(Shiraev and Zubok.41). Each theory provides strong arguments as to how much cooperation is possible under anarchy, but in my honest opinion, I believe that Liberalism is the theory that provides the strongest argument as to how cooperation is possible under anarchy.
Realism is an approach to International Relations that focuses on states and their interest, the balance of power, and the structure of International Relations. Realists believe that only states are allowed to be players in the International Relations world in order to defend themselves, as well as create alliances. Realists claim that states should have different interests because of their differences in size, geography, and economic, as well as military, strength. According to this theory, states should try to build order under anarchy. Anarchy is essentially a state that is without authority and in realism, due to anarchy they cannot rely on their allies to survive, and instead use an international system of checks and balances among states. The stronger the state, the more…

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