Personal Narrative: My Life As A Christian Education

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In my youth, I was reared in Lutheran home and was attended a Christian school until the eighth grade. It was stable home life and completely constructed upon the foundation of Jesus Christ. Both of my parents frequently reminded me to always look for positive potential in every person. I believe the Christian education through the church and mission work will ensure my complete effectiveness as a Christian counselor.

During the ages of twenty through thirty-six, I went through a time of great hardships and chaos in my life with without Christ. I carried my burdens on my heart and began praying and suddenly there was a knock at my front door. There was a minister invited me to attend a Baptist church outside the rural area near the
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My ultimate objective was to bring an awareness of childhood maltreatment in Georgetown village. In Belize, I traveled with a ministry team to the southern district of Georgetown. The village was a remote location where the residents chose to literally secede from the rest of the country. The team was accompanied by some Central Belizean locals, who insisted that there was an exceedingly high rate of childhood maltreatment cases in the village. Unfortunately, I allowed my emotions to take precedence and overshadowing my judgment. In the United States, I formed a Georgetown crusade to advocate for childhood maltreatment survivors. Approximately a year later, I individually returned to Georgetown to meet with the local women and discuss concerns about childhood maltreatment. After the meeting, I realized that the cases of child abuse were relatively low in Georgetown. This was definitely a learning experience for me, which I evolved into a logical social worker and researches projects to substantiate my

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