Personal Narrative: My Life Calling

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ENGL 101-Mikayla Worley
Fall 2017

My Life Calling

There are a vast amount of combinations for personalities and career fields, in a society that can make it or break it in one’s choice of career. In my life, the career I am pursuing falls into the medical field. I aspire to be a Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA); a surgeon’s right hand. When I became interested in this job, I started thinking about my personality to help me discover more about my compatibility with the job. I enjoy having many responsibilities and the pressure to execute each responsibility correctly. I am extremely compassionate when it comes to caring for someone in any situation. Although, I tend to be too critical with myself and not accept failure
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Strong practical skills encompasses many qualities in my career field while being efficient in my job on a daily basis. This includes having good communication in my profession. I will be dealing with patients, doctors, surgeons, and my surgical team. Communication is a must when someone’s life is in my hands and I have many depending on me. Having good initiative is also important. When something goes wrong in surgery I have to know what to do and hastily complete the task. In any health care profession flexibility is a requirement upon hiring. These are the professionals who are responsible for many lives 24-7. In my area I will be on call most of the time; life is unpredictable and my job will be too. I feel that being able to balance my personal life and work life is a practical skill that will help me be successful as an RNFA. My patients will be a priority but so is my family. Having a healthy balance is important. Lastly, furthering my education is vital as well because the more willing I am to go to seminars and observations to learn more will improve my productivity and professionalism in my job. These are all qualities that I feel are “strong practical skills” that will help me succeed in my dream …show more content…
Being reluctant to improvise could be a strength for me by my patients knowing that I will stick to the books and I would not do or try anything I was not comfortable with doing. Having the need to have constant acknowledgment is a strength in itself. I will always be trying harder and looking for that recognition from my superiors. Concerning the fact that I neglect my own needs, I will never have my doctors question my priorities because they will already know that I will be doing everything I possibly can. Having weaknesses isn’t always a negative in my case because this will only push me to be better and work

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