Personal Narrative: My Lifetime Goals

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As an eighteen year old it’s sometimes hard to think about your life time goals, especially when your life has only begun. But you can dream and strive to achieve the most drastic of lifetime goals. My lifetime goal is to become a successful forensic anthropologist maintaining my connection to music that I currently have. For the past seven years of my life I have been a part of an intense band program while maintaining an AB academic average and that experience, along with my academic experience of taking advanced courses all while staying in touch with the musical side of the world, is what’s going to help me achieve this lifetime goal.
Being a part of a rigorous band program where success is all that we strive toward, all the while maintaining suitable grades in my advanced classes is what’s going to give me the foundation to start my life on. Seven hours of band rehearsal every day for two months out of our three month summer vacation while simultaneously keeping up with summer assignments for the upcoming school year, keeping up with a part time job, and on top of that making sure that your younger siblings don’t burn the house down. Having two hour band rehearsals every morning before school, two hour band rehearsals after school every Thursday and Friday, along with endless nights at football games and infinite Saturdays at marching
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Getting a doctorate in forensic anthropology in order to assist law enforcement in the identification of human remains that were murdered or are unidentifiable, all the while maintaining a connection to music that so much of the world has missed out on. My experiences with band and my academic experiences have given me the qualities that I will use to achieve my lifetime goal. Prioritizing, multitasking, a strong work ethic, etc. These are the qualities that were given to me during my time as a high school student, and with that I will achieve my lifetime

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