Personal Narrative: Non-Denominational Christianity

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Many people don’t know what they want to be when they “grow up”, as for my mother she didn’t know what type of religion she wanted to be in when she “grew up”. However, she did know the basics that she believed in which was God, the Holy Spirit, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Bible that being said she considered herself Christian and raised me as a Non-Denominational Christian. That was until my senior year of High School when my mom decided she no longer wanted to be part of the Non-Denominational Christian faith and switched over to becoming part of the LDS faith known as the Mormons and flipped my life upside-down with their different views of norms and values.
Growing up Non-Denominational Christian is fairly simple faith and to me
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Beginning of my senior year in September there were two young men knocking on our door all decked out in their best Sunday attire, although it was a Monday afternoon. Realizing they were missionaries for LDS church fifteen minutes away my mother and I didn’t want any part of their church, but we felt bad shutting the door in their face so we invited them in and listened to what they had to say. After letting them in that day it just wouldn’t end they wouldn’t stop coming over and trying to guilt trip us to visit their church. Finally, my mom decided if we go once we will never have to go again, and we did just that. Unfortunately, my mom and my two brothers end up loving that three-hour service and ended up forcing me to continue going every Sunday. I didn’t understand any of the readings and it really bothered me that they had the Book of Mormon combined with the Bible after being taught for 17 years of my life that the Bible was the …show more content…
However, the faith is not for me it is far too harsh compared to being brought up in a laid back religion where I made my own guidelines and I decide if I’m doing the right thing not a Bishop. Although, Mormons and Non-Denominational Christian do share similar norms and values such as believing in God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, along with believing in saving sex for marriage, and finding their spiritual calling, Mormons expect their people to follow all their rules concisely, while Non- Denominational Christians give more of a suggestive nudge to follow their

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