Religion: Boundaries In The Human Experience

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Crossing several different boundaries in the human experience, religion is notoriously difficult to define. Still, many attempts have been made, and while every theory has its limitations, each perspective has contributed to our current understanding of this complex phenomenon. We can now identify several of the characteristic elements that religion consists of. To followers, religion is a way of life guiding thinking, feeling, and acting. It usually provides something or someone requiring devotion. It helps us understand the what is beyond our understanding unknown often through the realm of the supernatural. It provides teachings that shape and guide behaviour. It gives followers a framework within which they live their lives. It is shared …show more content…
Religion claims there must be a supernatural world. Mirroring the concept above, religion teaches that the body on earth is a physical enclosure for our spirit or soul. Upon physical death, there is a spiritual release which usually leads to some sort of reward or punishment.There is a collection of sacred writings and/or oral teachings. These provide information about God/gods/goddesses and other deities, and tell adherents how to live the prescribed religious life. Religions provide and teach a system of ethics which help us determine between right and wrong conduct. Religions provide answers to questions that we may not otherwise be able to answer.

To truly understand the meaning of religion a definition is not sufficient as it omits the motivation of believers, which is the
Identity - Religion can give us a sense of belonging that may otherwise escape us, and connect with others who feel the same way.
Family and Culture – many people all over the world become associated with the practice of religion through their family or because of a cultural connection. When asked why they follow a faith system, many people respond, “Because I was raised that way.”
Fear - For many, religion provides a security blanket for things or events of which that they are afraid. Whether it comes from a sacred passage or the religious community, religion can make us feel

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