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  • Mayan Medicine Essay

    traditional medicine by Mayan people (Wynberg 2009). This bioprospecting program has upset and outraged people in Chiapas who claim that their indigenous knowledge and resources are being stolen (Wynberg 2009). People who worked and led this project took knowledge from the people of Chiapas and took plant samples with almost nothing in return (Wynberg 2009). This biopiracy and bioprospecting is something that really hurts medicinal healers in the Mayan areas, but it doesn’t stop them from…

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  • Catch Exchange Research Paper

    APES Extra Credit Assignment PG 5 IN THE GULF OF MEXICO, ENSURING A FUTURE FOR SHRKS People are killing so many sharks for fins, and it causes them to get closer and closer to extinct. Sharks are important to marine ecosystem, because they play a key role in climate change and food webs. Some countries ignore the importance of control the amount of sharks, which they eat and sell for money, they catch. In order to help the population of sharks to go up, EDF and Mote Marine Laboratory of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Love For Nature

    Growing up in the in a small town in the country of Belize I was exposed to nature tremendously. I would visit the Mayan ruin “xunantunich” and just sit at the very top and admire the greenery; this very moment was the high light of my day. Many years later that Mayan ruin is the place where I can escape and be free; xunantunich is where my love for nature began. After leaving Belize I have not found a place where I find peace and my move for nature slowly die until I was introduced to Thoreau,…

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  • Miscommunication

    For instance, just a few weeks ago I experience the breakdown of communication whereby, I had a phone being fixed at Cellular World in Belize City. My girlfriend that lives in Belize City was coming to Belmopan for a work meeting. So I asked her to do me the favor, get the phone for me and drop it off, but she didn’t know where I live. So I explained to her that I will meet her by Gallardo’s store and I will…

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  • How Is Christopher Columbus A Hero

    “In fourteen ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. This phrase is taught by elementary school teachers around the world. Christopher Columbus is said to be a world renowned hero, but is he really? Today the question is, Christopher Columbus, world hero or dark minded villain? In 1451 a soon to be hero was born unto the world in genoa Italy. Christopher Columbus the eldest son of Christian family father Domenico Columbo, and wool worker and merchant mother Susanna Fantanarossa.…

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  • My Passion For Animals Essay

    Nearly 15 years ago, I was in the first grade being asked to draw the person I imagined myself to be when I grew up. My picture portrayed me and several different types of animals at a veterinary clinic with the explanation stating, “When I grow up, I want to be a vet because I want to help animals.” I grew up an only-child and was devoted to all types of animals as if they were part of my family. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a vet. As a child, I would pretend to do…

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  • Environmental Factors That Affect Personality

    What is personality? If one is to look at personality from its origin, the word personality comes from the Latin word persona. Persona refers to a mask that was worn by performers to show different expressions and emotions. Personality is made up of different characteristics patters such as thoughts and feelings. All of these things vary from person to person which causes everyone to have different personalities. These personalities that are in everyone usually stays consistent even when they…

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  • Compare And Contrast Egyptian Civilization And Mayan Civilization

    The Egyptian and the Mayans were the of the most advanced civilizations in their time. The Mayan Empire spread from present-day southern Mexico to Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala. They were known for their architecture, and their famous calendars. The famous calendar, writing systems, and major public architecture all occurred during the Mayan Classical period, 250-900 A.D. The Egyptian civilization began around 3000 B.C. Medicine, architecture, farming techniques, and engineering flourished…

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  • Mayan Hero Twins

    A degree of veneration through Maya rituals, ceremonies, and religious practice went towards the legendary Maya Hero Twins. The Hero Twins are best known through the 16th century AD Quichean epic tale of “Hunahpu” and “Xbalanque.” In the Classic period of the Maya civilization, the adventures of these two hero twins was common knowledge across the entirety of the Maya area. The Maya practice of praying to and placing faith into legendary heroes was no different than other religions…

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  • Mayan Language Research Paper

    Variation occurred not only regionally but also varied among scribes. Two notable examples of regional variation in writing are in Northern Yucatan, where dates where written in much more condensed form than was typical, and in what is now Southern Belize where glyphs were written much more compactly and in irregular compositions (See example in Appendix.…

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