Social Justice Personal Statement

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It is my belief that social justice is to demonstrate compassion and observing lives of others in a humanitarian perspective. I originally became a social worker because I possessed a strong desire to collaborate with the other professionals who share a similar vision and objective to create positive changes. Through social justice, I serve as an advocate for clients experiencing financial hardships and mistreatment in an uncaring society. As a social worker, I cannot change the injustices afflicted on them from past hardships. However, I am dedicated to promoting empowerment and providing the necessary resources to cope with their past afflictions. These skills and presenting various options for clients will effectively serve and upholding their overall social justice for all populations. All social workers should …show more content…
It is an exceedingly substantial strength, which is beneficial to build professional relationships with clients. Most importantly, my life experiences enhanced this ability and encouraged assimilation along with objectivity with all populations. This objectivity allows the client the opportunity to be candid and comfortable communicating private matters and I can identify the real concerns. As for my social work community based projects, I served with early childhood university program with a group of students. Our objective was to collaborate to obtain supplies and food for the child in this particular non-organization. As the community liaison, I was required to meet with the program administrators and approached local businesses to devise a plan to keep the organization from raising children’s school tuition. In approximately two weeks, I established a partnership with the local businesses, who agreed to contribute snacks and supplies for the children continuously for five

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