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Understanding of the social work profession To many, the primary mission of the profession of social work is enhancing the needs of those that are considered vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. However, my understanding of the social work profession is helping someone to make positive changes in his or her life that result in a better quality of life. This is also true when promoting the wellbeing of the community in a social context. Understanding of the social work profession, to me, means having the heart and mindset to advocate for those that society considers undeserving.
Career Goals I became interested in pursuing social work as a profession during my employment at South MS Regional Center as a Job Skills Trainer.
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I advocated for clients by educating employers about the unlimited potential of a person living with a developmental delay. I often found myself fighting against social injustices, such as discrimination and finding the dignity and worth of the client I was serving, despite his or her life challenges. After careful consideration, I decided to become properly trained in advocacy and started my academic career in the pursuit of a Social Work Degree.
Now that I have obtained my bachelor’s degree in social work and became licensed in the state of Mississippi, I am prepared to go into a more specialized field of study. This is the reason I am pursuing my master degree in social work at Louisiana State University. The special field of study I am currently interested in is working with children that are living with a mental illness or disability. I want to make a positive difference in young children’s lives and let them know that with the right training and support they can accomplish numerous things throughout their life.
Life Experiences Related to Social
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Knowing how to properly and effectively communicate with a client will be crucial in my career as a social worker. Effective communication goes beyond speech, meaning that as a social worker I will communicate by email and other written correspondents. Understanding the needs of clients is also dependent upon good communication, this can be done by having an open dialog with the client regarding his or her needs. Remaining dedicated to my social work code of ethics will also assure that I am providing the best services my client as a social worker. As I engage in social work, a targeted area of growth for me is learning how to control my anxiety. I can become overly anxious when helping someone that is in need. However, I am learning how to take the proper time and meet my client where he or she is and go from there. I often remind myself to slow down and make sure I am making a decision that will be beneficial for my client, despite the pace it may take the client to accomplish the goals we have set to accomplish.
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