My Interest In Social Work

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Having completed my prerequisite for Social Work, I am writing to request for admission into the Social Work program. In the Social Work program at Union Institute & University I will be able to accomplish my lifelong dream of becoming a Licenses Social Worker and advocate for the unfortunate individuals. To be a social worker, I will become a part of a team of individuals who have a voice to stand for the rights of the unfortunate molding and shaping generations to create a healthy, safer, and prosperous society.
What is the main reason for your interest in the profession of social work?
My personal interest in social work is the desire to create change for those who are less fortunate and providing a voice to making change. Admitting me into
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Qualities I hold are the dedication to make a life better for others being available to walk a person through obstacles, and making a difference. The qualities I view in myself are compassion, empathy, easy to confide in, determined and hardworking. My strengths interlock my ability to focus, fight for rights of others, pull and push when necessary using my skills of learning to broaden my strengths to accomplish goals. The qualities and strengths that has made me not only hard working to accomplish my goals, but the fact I can and will stand my ground these ability has strengthen my willpower to listen, learn, and …show more content…
The Social Work Code of Ethics is a key component for a Social Worker, but having worked in a hospital, I know first hand the frustration of keeping to the Code of Ethics. Helping patients as they came into the hospital, I saw many different scenarios that I had to use different methods to help assist individuals. With each admission, the blood work would be at a critical point keeps the individual hospitalized for days then again the process would start for the determination of what would be the best plan for release or further treatment. Emerging the Code of Ethics and using a professional judgment to help a person in need is my frustration. The most attractive response of being in the helper role I found is simply seeing a person express gratitude, a thank you, or an expression of pure relief; with this simply gesture makes my job rewarding and simply thankful I am working in the field of social

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