A Career For A Career As A Nursing Field

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I have decided that I want to continue on my education in the social work field. I want to pursue this career, because it is exciting to know that I will be able to help a lot of people. I will be there resource person when it comes to helping them with their goals at bettering themselves, and their situation. It is also exciting to meet new people, and being there for them as they make their transitions in their lives. I will get to meet them during their worse and hoping to bring out their best times! I am ready to begin my journey at working towards a bachelor’s degree. I am currently working as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a nursing home here in Vincennes. During my two years working here, I have learned that I have a passion for helping elderly. I want to work with gerontology, or work in the medical field as a social …show more content…
It will put a huge struggle on the entire healthcare system, because there will be more of them and less of us to help them. This will mean that we will have more client loads, and having to use time management at its best. The other challenge I will face is adapting to change, as I will have clients leaving and going. Helping the elderly population in nursing homes will mean that my clients will change every 6 months or so. I found that the most suprising thing is the salary for social workers. I do not think it is fair with how much they help our society, and they have such a low wage. I think social workers should fight for the pay that they deserve. They do a lot for our all ages of our population, and they do not get the credit that they deserve. The other thing that really surprised me was how many different career paths you can take as a social worker. I had no idea that there was numerous options for a career as a social worker. You can literally do anything with your social work degree, and that is why I love this

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