Alcoholic Beer

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Alcoholic beverages are very commonly served around the world. Alcoholic beverages have helped humanity in many ways. For example, during extremely long voyages navigators use fermentation to purify their water. This is because yeast will kill other bacteria and fungi during their rapid reproduction. Without alcoholic beverages, humanity would never be as advanced as it is now. By observing the development of different alcoholic beverages, anthropologists can understand more about how humans have built society in this particular way. Alcoholic beverages are never just entertainment tools; they are pushing society to move forward. The alcoholic beverage that is most widespread, and most well-known is beer. [1]
There are a lot of different types of beer. Almost every country has their own unique ways to make beer. But we can still divide them into two main types according to their fermentation technique. Lager, is the name for those beers that are fermented and stored under
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They vary from bright, almost transparent yellow, to dark, opaque black. There is a system called Standard Reference Method, or SRM, that is used by many brewers to specify beer color. Generally, Lagers usually have a lighter color, as it goes darker, there is Ale, and then the darkest will most definitely be Stout [6]. In the 20th century, as brewers developed the SRM, they are also trying to increase the concentration of alcohol in beer. In 1994, the Guinness Book of World Records had Vetter 33 as the strongest beer of the world, containing 10.5% alcohol, but they didn’t stay there for long. Hürlimann in Switzerland produced Samichlaus that contains 14% alcohol. And around 2000, the Samuel Adams company produced a beer called Millennium that reached 20%. And they produced another one called Utopia that contains 25.6% alcohol. And now, the strongest beer is called Baz’s which is produced by Parish in England, having a concentration of alcohol of

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