Effects Of Alcohol Advertisements

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Advertisements are extremely influential, they play on our emotions, on our desires, and on our weaknesses. An advertisement is a way for a company to endorse their products or services in order to gain familiarity in hope of more business. Advertisements are seen on all forms of media, most notably tv commercials, magazines, websites, etc. However because of the power that advertisements hold on an individual especially a child, society must reconsider what should be allowed to be advertised on such a mass scale. Alcoholic beverages are one of the most advertised products in today’s culture. In fact according to a recent study at University of Texas at Austin “Spending on alcohol ads have shot up 400% over the last four decades.” (Kaufman). It is one thing for an adult of legal age to view alcohol ads in media, but when an adolescent is exposed to so much, it is detrimental to their development. Using statistics and studies on the effects of advertisements on youth it will be clear that alcohol …show more content…
Anti-alcohol advertisements have been discovered to drastically impact the consumption by adolescents that view them. In a recent study done by BMC Public Health, teenagers were brought into view an advertisement. One of which was a commercial promoting an alcoholic beverage, an advertisement that had no relation to alcohol, and an anti-alcohol video. It was found that those of which viewed the alcohol advertisement were more likely to drink in the next couple months, and those that viewed the anti-alcohol video decreased their consumption. (Stautz and Marteau) These findings proves that advertisements have a significant impact on adolescents whether it be positive or negative. In order to fight against major companies and their advertisements, more videos need to be released showing the dangers and the negative side of drinking rather than the positive and fun side that alcohol advertisements

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