Essay On Effects Of Alcohol On College Campus

Alcohol consumption on college campuses in the United States and its associated problems has been well documented in the past five decades. Data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (2004) show that approximately one thousand four hundred college students die annually from excessive alcohol consumption while an additional five hundred thousand sustained all kinds of injuries. The data also revealed that 70,000 sexual assault cases that are reported by college students are alcohol related as are nearly two-thirds of suicides on college campuses. The problem related with excessive consumption of alcohol does not end on campus. Clements (2004) stated that 40 percent of students who drink excessive alcohol while in college …show more content…
Research on the cost of underage drinking conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation revealed that medical expenses, job loss due to alcohol-induced sickness, auto accidents, deaths, and arson collectively cost an estimated $53 billion annually (Meier, 2006). This cost does not include the estimated annual $116.2 billion spent on the purchase of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits by underage college students. A common trend that is fueling the increasing rate of excessive alcohol consumption on college campuses is a form of heavy drinking known as “binge drinking”. Wechsler & Nelson (2010) defines “binge drinking” as a situation where a male consumes five or more bottles or a female consumes four or more bottles consecutively. By definition, it can be inferred that an estimated 40 percent of college students are engaged in binge drinking on weekly basis.

This paper will examine the sociocultural and environmental factors that are responsible for the high rate of excessive alcohol consumption on college campuses with the purpose of recommending effective measures that can be used to correct the problem.
Why Do Some Youngsters Drink
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Youngsters that consume alcohol are more likely to be sexually active, engage in dangerous and unprotected sex; will likely include in a battle, carry out fierce violations, come up short at school, use different medications, and experience verbal, physical, or sexual brutality. What 's more, the individuals who begin drinking before age 15 are five times more prone to create liquor addiction further down the road than the people who start drinking at age 21. The more underage students drink, the more probable they will experience adverse outcomes. Those results can go in seriousness from having an aftereffect, performing inadequately on a test, or missing class to getting into a contention or battle, driving impaired, being harmed or harmed, or being exploited sexually. adverse results of liquor use on school grounds are far reaching and every year, drinking ways a large number of underage drinkers whether they drink or not - and additionally families, companions and whole school groups. Underage students drink alcoholic beverages because they think liquor makes it simpler to meet other individuals, unwinds their social restraints and helps them have a ton of fun. Moreover, advertisements for alcohol are all around, with smooth promoting effort including alluring, young performers, and models. ncadd (n.d.) noted

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