Drinking Alcohol Cause Early Death In Life

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“ Did you know alcohol allows misuse of alcohol results in the death of 2.5 million people worldwide annually”? (ncadd.org, n.d.) Excessive alcohol abuse is detrimental to our society because of peer pressure, the need for young people to escape their lives and forget their troubles, or drown their sorrow. “(pbskids.org,my life.) Alcohol can cause early death in life”. Alcohol can make the body do things that you will not remember and can cause health issues. Not all people abuse alcohol. Some people drink alcohol to relax after a hard day of work, choosing to socialize with friends. Social drinking can also be a part of one’s culture. the use of the term alcohol related for traffic fatalities is higher apparent number of drunk driving are …show more content…
drinking heavily can cause brain damage and , also kidney failure . (now your limits info/nown.com.) “Drinking alcohol is the second thing to get cancer in the mouth also the throat . When pregnant and you drink alcohol the development can cause unborn baby .” some of the main health effect to drinking alcohol is alcohol poisoning many teens get it because they go to party’s and they get alcohol poisoning , also can cause vomiting , headaches , diarrhea and many more . “The most effect people get is unconsciousness and , black outs. Black outs can make you do things that you will never remember but when you wake up you have a headache” (Chris Rains) Some of the long term effects of alcohol is liver disease , nerve damage to the brain , sexual problems , vitamin b1 deficiency. “Which can lead to a disorder characterized by amnesia , apathy and disorientation”. (long-term effects) . Term “liver disease” applies to many diseases and disorder that causes the liver to function. Also can cause yellow of the skin and the eyes . Another is hepatitis , hepatitis is swelling of the liver and inflation of the liver . There is also hepatitis a, b, c

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