Legal Drinking Age

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Underage drinking is among the most serious of public health problems facing adolescents in the United States (Zhong and Schwartz). In today 's society, people are questioning the legal drinking age. Some wish it should be lower. While others think it is right where it needs to be. Although lowering the age might not sound like a bad idea. But it can be a huge problem in society. Even though some people think if the drinking age were to be lowered sounds like a good idea. Teens are doing it anyways; why not let them do it? Unfortunately, it 's not when adolescence drink it can cause damage to brain development, changes their behavior, also risk their lives.
In the past, researchers had proven that the brain is fully developed at 18. That
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Therefore, having a difficult time translations get to adulthood (Zhong and Schwartz). When youths start to drink at a young age, it can change their behavior. This is not uncommon in adult drinkers. But the fact that its teens. It becomes more dangerous. Consuming heavy amounts of alcohol may lead to death or injury. They can become violent against others or themselves because they are under the influence. Furthermore, become an alcoholic. This is true for everyone that drinks alcohol. Ideally, people will argue stating that if they are educated it will be better. Most likely teens will consume alcohol responsibly. But the problem is that youths do not know the dangers that adults do. Even if they did how do parents know teens are being responsible about it. There are other factors when it comes to that. The most important factor is peer pressure. Peer pressure can make any situation go left. Make everything that the teen learned and understand about alcohol. Even if they had the lecture about it still will cause a problem within society. Why might you ask? They think they are invisible and nothing bad ever …show more content…
(Kaigang, Simons-Morton, and Hingson). When someone drinks it can impair their ability to function. If they consume enough, they would not be able to see clearly, walking patterns will change, and most importantly if they were drinking that puts them and others on the road in danger. In 2008, 31% of young drivers who were killed in motor vehicle crashes had been drinking (Kaigang, Simons-Morton, and Hingson). Underage drinking as caused fatal car crashes leaving families without loved ones. Teens lives are gone without any second chance. Therefore, they will not be able to experience life. Even though that is a tough cookie to swallow there are numbers of children that take the chance to get in the car when the driver is under the influence. Since increasing the minimum drinking age to 21 is credited with having saved 18,220 lives on the nation 's highways (Burger). In all honesty, if society lowers the age these numbers will just continue to increase. In the result, more lives will be lost. How many more children does this country need to lose before understanding that something needs to be

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