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  • The Roots Essay: We Are The Roots By Alex Haley

    We Are The Roots With the recent uproar of racial based harassment at the University of Missouri, it makes one think about the actual advancement of African Americans. In America race is often the issue in many problems people face. In the TV mini-series "Roots" we see the struggles Blacks face from slavery up until the civil war. It follows the family line of Kunta Kinte and his generations to follow. As advertised, the author, Alex Haley, is a direct family member of Kunta. As a little boy he heard many stories that have been passed down about his family. He is writing to bring to the light the cruelty and injustice that has been brought upon these humans that have been turned into slaves, as well as highlighting the good in some of the…

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  • The Autobiography Of Malcolm X: An Analysis

    It is not uncommon for people to forget that many renowned influential figures originated from humble beginnings and suffered through great ordeals to become the well-known symbols of change that are written across history books. In The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Alex Haley reminds the world of this fact through his beautifully detailed account of the life and hardships of the great human rights activist Malcolm X. The structure, style, and content of the novel advance the author’s purpose of…

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  • Roots: The Saga Of An American Family

    stays in their state for sixty days he is re-enslaved again. So, George goes to the north, but he promises to return to his family. The Civil War is very beneficial to this family. Master Murray hires an overseer during this time named George Johnson. After the war is over, the free Murray family arrives in Lauderdale County, Tennessee. Many years pass, and Tom starts a new blacksmith business from his wagon. Tom’s daughter Cynthia is the first of the family to go to college. She met Simon…

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  • Martin Malcolm And Me Analysis

    Martin, Malcolm, and Me written by JD Lawrence displayed a remarkable production. JD Lawrence and his team did an impressive job in one hour to show the play. There are multiple things to discuss like the acting, directing, scenic, playwriting, costume, lighting, and sound design. The first thing I looked at when I walked in the theatre was how the lighting had been arranged. When we sat down and the play started the main focus is on the stage. All the lights pointed to the stage while the…

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  • Analysis Of Racism: The Autobiography Of Malcolm X By Alex Haley

    Racism is the belief that some races are superior to others. It separates people by color instead of what they can and cannot do. Racism gives people the opportunity to degrade others and give them the satisfaction of feeling as though they are better and should be privileged. In The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley, Malcolm experiences different situations dealing with Racism. With the teachings of Marcus Garvey’s Pan Africanism by his father Earl Little, he gets the knowledge of what…

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  • Black Religion In The Autobiography Of Malcolm X By Alex Haley

    Black religion appears as a form of protest where God is above the power of the oppressors, and God helps the black community overcome injustice. In The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley, religion appears as a portrayal as a way to unify the black community and create a sense of Black Nationalism. Through the portrayals of Black Christianity, the Nation of Islam, and Orthodox Islam in Malcolm’s life, we can see how religion unifies Black Americans by giving them a sense of…

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  • Style, Content, And Development Of Malcolm X By Alex Haley

    The author, Alex Haley, uses style, content, and structure to show the development of Malcolm X through his life. The author 's purpose is to engage the reader and help the reader understand the person that Malcolm X had become throughout his life. Alex Haley was told these stories by Malcolm X, and used certain situations in Malcolm X’s life to contribute to the power and beauty of the text. The author also uses imagery and certain words to convey Malcolm X’s development. Central ideas such as…

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  • Analysis Of Race Inequality During The Civil Rights Movement By Alex Haley

    Race Inequality During The Civil Rights Movement Alex Haley wrote a coruscating autobiographical novel about Malcolm X during the Civil Rights movement. Malcolm was a radical Civil Rights leader that used what some might call primitive tactics in order to achieve his goal. With this novel people got a better idea about Malcolm`s viewpoints and were able to understand Malcolm a little bit better. Historically after the novel was published according to a database “Malcolm X articulates a truth…

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  • Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange: Singin In The Rain

    Few films have replicated the controversy of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1971). Created during the ‘Golden age of American Film violence’ between the 1960s and early 1970s and based on the Anthony Burgess novella of the same name. The Orwellian, science-fiction film, catalogues the life and crimes of antagonist Alex Delarge; a young, violent and hedonistic deliquent with an enthusiastic appreciation for music, specifically German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. Alex’s ‘droogs’, Dim,…

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  • A Clockwork Orange Antisocial Analysis

    around Alex, the main character and also the narrator. The movie starts with Alex and his group beating up an old man because they disliked how he sound while singing. As the movie progresses on you see a couple more scenes of violence. A particulary important scene is when Alex and his drooges invaded the Author's house and raped his wife. It's clear that Alex enjoys causing distress in other people but he also has a problem. While Alex is the leader of the group, has trouble listening to his…

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