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  • The Slave Movie Analysis

    slaves were in fact thriving and civilized prior to Americas slave experience. The film begins with Kunta Kinte, a Mandinka warrior of Gambia, West Africa, who had come from a strong lineage of royal warrior leaders in his village. One day Kunta Kinte was beat and kidnapped and awoke to find himself chained as a prisoner. He had now become part of what we know as the Middle Passage. The film educated viewers on the horrors and revolts of the middle passage, the narrative of a slave, the living conditions…

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  • Roots: The Saga Of An American Family

    Roots: The Saga of an American Family is a unique novel which explains in vivid detail the life of slaves in America. The novel begins in the Mandinka village of Juffure where Kunta Kinte is born in the spring of 1750. His parents of Omoro and Binta Kinte. This Gambian village is prominently Muslim, and there are many of the Muslim’s traditions in place. For example, Kunta’s father takes place in a seven day naming ceremony to name Kunta. Other examples may include the village’s praying habits…

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  • The Roots Essay: We Are The Roots By Alex Haley

    "Roots" we see the struggles Blacks face from slavery up until the civil war. It follows the family line of Kunta Kinte and his generations to follow. As advertised, the author, Alex Haley, is a direct family member of Kunta. As a little boy he heard many stories that have been passed down about his family. He is writing to bring to the light the cruelty and injustice that has been brought upon these humans that have been turned into slaves, as well as highlighting the good in some of the…

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  • Kendrick Lamar Interpretation

    “I’ll Wesley Snipe your ass before thirty-five.” Coming across first glance you do not completely understand what the artist is meaning by “Wesley Snipe your ass before thirty-five,” but analyzing Lamar 's lyrics you can finally comprehend why he decided to use Wesley Snipe before say “I’ll snipe your ass before thirty-five.” On April 3, 2013 Wesley Snipes was convicted of tax evasion and was sent to prison. This elaborates on Kendrick 's theory that Uncle Sam does not want see wealthy black men…

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  • To Pip A Butterfly: Song Analysis

    sixteen songs on the album, however I will only be concentrating on three songs: “King Kunta”, “The Blacker the Berry” and “Complexion (A Zulu Love).” Kendrick Lamar’s album, To Pimp a Butterfly” is more than just a generic album for listening pleasure, but a symbol of black resistance and protest that addresses the negative impact of racist and oppressive institutions on black identity in the 21st…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Roots In Alex Haley's Roots

    Alex Haley wrote a biography on his family and their roots/history and decided to name it Roots. The novel Roots by Alex Haley tells the story of a young boy named Kairaba “Kunta” Kinte and his family who live in Juffure, a small village in The Gambia, Africa. Kunta has a younger brother named Lamin Kinte and he cares for him, as well as the rest of his family and kafo mates. His village is the type that farms and all of it’s inhabitants are farmers. Often times they don’t have enough food to…

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  • Summary Of Alex Haley's Roots

    Roots is a television series that was aired in 1977, it based off of a book made by Alex Haley. The story originated from Alex Haley’s family tree, which led him back to his African American ancestors. It all starts with a young African American boy named Kunta Kinte, who was born and raised in Gambia, Western Africa. In Kunta Kinte’s teenage years he was captured by slave hunters as he was looking for materials to make a drum. Kunta Kinte is the starting point for the long journey through all…

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  • The Movie Roots Analysis

    African male named Kunta Kinte or Toby. Kunta was born in 1750 and he was 17 when he was captured and Brought to America as a slave on a ship called Lord Ligonier. During this time, the Middle Passage was preposterous there were 10.7 million slaves that survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America (Gates Jr.). The Middle Passage was the portion of the atlantic slave trade where Africans would be leaving from their…

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  • Summary Of The Mandinka Warrior

    This book was based on a true story about an African American name Kunta Kinte who was abducted at a young age from his African tribe. He soon was sold into slavery, and taken to America. Kunta was sold to a slave owner who gave him the name "Toby". Since Kunta was raised to never be afraid of the "Toubob" white men who captures black men he didn’t really except that name to well. He was beaten multiple times because he wouldn’t go by the name Toby that his master gave him. Kunta was a strong…

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  • Atlantic Slave Trade Middle Passage

    concerned with providing a shipment of slaves and receiving payment. Often times a captain who is concerned with the well being of the slaves tends to pack his ship loosely while one merely concerned with profit would be more of a tight packer. Tight packers tend to over pack their ship with anticipation of high death rates. If there was a surplus a captain would sacrifice a certain number of individuals usually pre selected because they are weak or defiant. This can be seen in Amistad when the…

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