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  • Kurt Cobain Influence

    much of an alternative rock and punk rock fan. But the man behind this is the one and only Kurt Cobain. Most people know him as “ The rock star who was a drug addict who committed suicide” But there 's more to his fascinating life, he is considered to be one of the best rock artists to ever step foot on earth. This is the life of one of the most iconic, prominent rock star to ever live. Kurt Cobain had a rough early life. Kurt was born in Aberdeen, Washington to a mother who was a waitress at a local cafe and a father who was a automotive mechanic. “ He never wanted to see me and his father apart” (Wendy…

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  • Kurt Cobain Biography

    1994, Kurt Donald Cobain was a talented rock performer who gave name to a new genre “Grudge” with his band Nirvana in the late 1980’s. Cobain parents’ divorce lead him to find himself in some legal trouble resulting in arrest and experimenting with alcohol and drugs at an early age that eventually lead him to develop a drug addiction. Kurt Cobain’s rise to fame happened so quickly he often struggled to adjust his life as a musician and his drug addiction. Around this time he met Courtney Love…

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  • Kurt Cobain: A Brief Biography

    Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain was one of the best grunge artists ever (if you ask me). He was part of two bands, Nirvana, and Fecal matter. He was the lead singer in both bands, and formed them both. Kurt Cobain didn’t have the best childhood, his parents yelled all of the time, and they got a divorce when he was nine, but he showed talent when he was in kindergarten so he kept on doing what he loved to do. Childhood Kurt was born on February 20, 1967 in Aberdeen, Washington. As a child Kurt Cobain…

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  • Kurt Cobain Depression

    Violent behavior and impulses can lead people to try more painful activities. “Before I die many will die with me and they will deserve it” (Cobain 121). Kurt Cobain was a very famous singer for the group Nirvana, and it was widely known that he had some mental issues. He was very depressed, and quickly resorted to violence, as seen in his book, Journals. Defeat after violent things causes emotional pain with the physical pain. “Former Ultimate Fighting Championship women 's bantamweight…

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  • Kurt Cobain Analysis

    relate to the song. The song, to them, voiced their unvoiced fears and angers. Cobain’s demand in the song when he wails out, “Here we are now, entertain us” found resonance with the multitude of listeners who were tired of being left behind and ignored. Soon Cobain would abandon the song and not play it at live performances. He would later state that he never understood why the song became an anthem and was given a superior status while the other songs were equally important. He further…

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  • Analysis Of Nevermind By Nirvana

    The album posed very many stances on popular matters, making it a ground-breaking album. From Rolling Stones interviews and MTV music videos, Nirvana made their mark by introducing grunge music. Now, today, we have them to thank for the new alternative rock bands who have learned from Kurt Cobain and his band members. Music is not always for background noise. Music has power to bring change and music sends emotion through our souls. Most importantly, some form of music is relatable to everyone;…

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  • Kurt Cobain Research Paper

    -Kurt Donald Cobain- “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are,” said Kurt Donald Cobain (Brett). Kurt Cobain’s music was original and was non-conformist. Although Kurt Cobain had a rough childhood that led him to drug addiction and severe depression, it gave him the inspiration to create a whole new genre in music, Grunge, but also led to his own suicide. Cobain’s music rocked an entire generation, but sadly so did his death. Kurt Donald Cobain was born on February, 20th, 1967…

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  • Analysis Of Smells Like Teen Spirit By Tori Amos

    covered by singer-songwriter Tori Amos for her “Crucify” EP. While the cover may be extremely different from the original, there are still some elements that are similar among both versions. In contrast, both Nirvana and Amos play different styles of music which would change how the song is viewed by their respective audiences. Although the lyrics, in general, are the same, the overall meaning and mood of the song is different based which artist is playing the song. The original version of…

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  • Sorrow: A Feeling Of Distress

    Kurt Cobain on April 8, 1994 was found dead with a gunshot to his head in his home. The autopsy concluded that three days later on April 5th he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Traces of drugs like heroin were found in his system (another thing people who suffer from depression turn to to “help the pain”). Kurt Cobain as a kid was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression). These disorders could’ve lead to Kurt…

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  • Agapē In The Judeo-Christian Traditions

    on this night and needing a knockout to preserve his title” (np). Liston loved boxing and winning, and in an act of love of title and fame, “Sonny Liston rubbed some tiger balm into his glove” in an effort to defeat a stronger opponent (The Mountain Goats). This line in the first verse is an introduction to the idea of cheating as an act of agapē motivated by Liston’s value of his title and career. The second reference to a historical figure comes in the final poignant verse of the song,…

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