Alcoholism In Society

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Alcohol plays too much of significant a role in our society today and should be an after thought as opposed to the most crucial inclusion to any social gathering. Alcohol creates a large amount of social, economic, and health problems that very easily could be stopped, if it played a less influential role in our everyday events. The use of alcohol is easily seen in, but not limited to, many social groups that include family get-togethers, students, and religious gatherings; the list can go on. Experts have much to say about alcohol use and abuse in these categories, mostly on the negative aspects of drinking. Social drinking is a common thing around America. Whether it is after a long day at work or after an exhilarating football game, white …show more content…
Alcohol abuse amongst teenagers is a growing burden for many parents and, hopefully, governments all over the world. The aftereffect of teenage alcohol abuse has been generally reported and known, yet very little has been done to put a stop to alcohol abuse in the United States and throughout many nations, where there are illegal liquor houses and unlicensed production of alcohol is widespread.
Teenagers tend to use alcohol and many other drugs for countless reasons. They may do it because they struggle to fit in with friends or certain groups (peer pressure), particularly if a teenager is more on the shy side or simply does not feel confident when socializing with people. Another possible factor could be that the teenager wants to be with the popular age group at school or in the neighborhood, which usually tends to be the older kids. This seems to be quite common in rough neighborhoods were macho man/tough guy images are seen as the popular thing for teenagers, so those who view them to be the "coolest" and of most high praise, try to copy their behavior and social patterns, thinking they will be as “popular”. Teenagers do not only turn to alcohol due to peer pressure, but also any problems they go through; they drink in hopes of running away from these
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Someone who is younger is most likely to have their confidence corrode at a much faster compared to someone who is older, and by older i mean an adult. Teenagers who consume a great quantity of alcoholic beverages tend to assimilate many abusive symptoms, such as insomnia, abnormal speech , nausea, and vomiting. Even in little amounts, alcohol could impair the judgment alongside with coordination of the person who had that bit to drink, to get behind the wheel and drive a car, thus many drunk driving tragedies. Alcohol is known to be involved in mostly all violent deaths that involve teenagers.Some of the long term effects of consuming hefty amounts of alcohol can lead to permanent damage to many vital organs, such as the liver and the brain . This damage can be in the form of cancer or failure of the organ to function properly, which even an organ transplant can fail to heal because the amount of alcohol in the blood level is too high and will also damage the new transplanted organ. If a teenager, especially those under their 20’s, drinks an excessive amount of alcohol, could become unconsciousness and may even, sadly, pass away due to alcohol poisoning which can cause panic among the public he or she is in; therefore the damage then spreads in the form of mental torture. There is

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