Dimensional Assessment Of Personality Pathology (DAPP)

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Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology (DAPP) is an instrument used in psychological assessment to measure different personality traits. Personalities are generally formed by the different traits people have. In most cases, people are classified as introverts or extroverts. However, there are more traits that further distinguish the difference between the two types. Each of them has different habits that give each individual his/her uniqueness. On the flip side, people can get caught up in their own classification and lose touch of others around them. In other terms, such people are referred to as social misfits. These traits are more often the main cause for personality disorders (John, Andrew & Donna, 2005).
Traits in psychology
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According to Gordon Allport, there are three main traits that shape the complete personality in humans. The Cardinal traits are the most dominant. These are the traits that determine a person’s wants, needs and passions. They are the core foundation for the person’s complete nature. Central traits are those that form the people’s characteristics. They include honesty, loyalty, love, emotions. Central traits are more often what is used to describe a person, i.e., whether he/she is good, bad, evil, caring and so on. Development of these central traits is more often instilled in a person in his/her developmental years. Parents, guardians, teachers and the people a child interacts with in his/her younger years contribute majorly in the building of these central traits. Finally, the secondary traits are what complete a whole personality. They include likes, dislikes, choices, preferences. Basically, the secondary traits are those known by persons close to an individual. However, they are built over time; this is because as one grows, he/she is able to identify the things he/she is fond of. This kind of classification only comes about when one tries new things and is continually open to the idea of doing it. Once people reach a certain age, they are able to identify their lives by the things they have managed to acquire and hold dear. All these traits make up a …show more content…
As any self- testing instrument, the results are more often falsified. When a person takes a personality test, he/she is more prone to lie about certain issues. This is because during testing, there are no invigilation’s, therefore making the test only valid to the persons who do the test honestly. With the multiple questions, the possibility of the patient choosing the wrong answer is also very likely. Moreover, a person with different personalities may choose a different category from what they truly are. Nevertheless, each result attained from testing is a chance to make an assessment testing tool that is viable for efficient use (Karson & O 'Dell,

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