How Does Technology Affect Religion

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Technology’s Positive Effect on Religion With the many advancements in technology people have access to much more information than they have ever had before. Many religions have even started to put the new technology to work to help spread thoughts and ideas. Jeff Zaleski comments that “[technology] is like a fire to the world’s religions… it can warm souls to acceptance.” Technology is easily accessible and many in today’s generation know how to use it and can teach others to use the new technology advancements. Technology is helping religion spread like wild fire throughout social media and television. To begin, a documentary has done studies that show how social media has “created a worldwide church community.” A page on Facebook entitled …show more content…
One comments that they tend to update at least once every few days when they are home and three to four times a day when they are traveling. It is wonderful that it “allows updates instantly” another comments. The documentary goes on to include that Pope Benedict III does not only allow social media sites but, encourages the members to use sights to spread their gospel truths. He also expresses his concern because there have been many instances where people have become confused or angered by some of the religious posts on the media boards. Although, it is impossible to please the seven billion people in the world, there is still the need for concern. The Pope expresses his concern for the need to make sure that people are only posting messages that are within the church beliefs and practices.
To continue, an essay titled Cyber Spirits and Digital Ghosts states that “Practitioners now have access to information in a way that does not rely on face to face interaction.” This allows for people to get information all around the world without having to travel from the church or from the comfort of your own home. This also lowers the
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These channels help spread even more gospel principles. At the end of the “Religion and Social Media” documentary there is a message that states, “Whatever the impact, there is no going back.” (“Religion and Social Media”). Although this is a true statement, there is plenty of proof that the impact of television on religion is going to be more beneficial then harmful. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has three main channels that consist of: BYU TV, BYU International, and the Mormon Channel. Statistics show that by making General Conference available through a home television, attendance improved by 30%. They also have commented that “in addition to the 100,000 who participated in… general conference at the conference center… millions more viewed or listened to… via television.” Also, the documentary states that television helps churches broadcast from “a near by jail all the way to Japan.” (Religion and Social Media, Some churches have also been involved with the new Roku players. Roku is a new cable box but, it allows downloads such as Netflix and game apps. By working with Roku, many churches have been able to offer an opportunity for people to attend meetings. The churches film and broadcast live from the center. The owner of the Roku player can then stream live from their house. A member of the catholic community has shared her thoughts using TV to encourage people to listen to the

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