Pope Leo X

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  • Pope Leo X: A Political Genius

    The last Pope elected who was not a priest was Pope Leo X. Today, all elected Popes must have been a Cardinal over the age of thirty-five and speak at least three languages. 313 A.D. is when it is believed to be the first real Pope to be elected In over 2000 years and 266 Popes elected one Pope stood out to me, Pope Leo X. Pope Leo X's first three years as Pope were uneventful. But looking back, before he was "Pope Leo X", he received awards as young as the age of seven and followed in his powerful fathers footsteps. In 1942 he was formally admitted into the Sacred College of Cardinals and took residence in Rome. Some questioned Pope Leo X's intentions "Leo's core value was not the good of the church but the good ofhis native city…

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  • Michelangelo's Style Of Art

    of David was to be a patriotic symbol of a hero because of the time period Florence was going through with the threats towards them. David showed a model or heroic courage and expressed that his inner spiritual strength can overcome anything that comes his way. Also as well, Michelangelo represented David as an athlete that is concentrated and one who is ready for a fight. This sculpture David is showing a visible look of worry and holding a stone in his right hand. This sculpture not only had…

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  • John Wycliff, John Hus And Nepotism

    7 (Ryan Cho, Period Three APEC) Terms: John Wycliff, John Hus, Nepotism, Leo X, St. Peter’s Basilica. 1. John Wycliff was an English philosopher, reformer, and professor at Oxford University. He was born in 1331 and died in 1384. One of the reasons why Wycliffe became a big name in European countries because he opposed the clergy, which was central to a powerful role in England. He then went on and then attacked the luxury and pomp of local parishes and their ceremonies. John’s attacks on…

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  • How Did Leonardo Da Vinci Influence Michelangelo

    over to the pope and convinced him not to. The Medici were involved with a lot of artists during the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli were among these artists. da Vinci and Michelangelo were both prime examples of the “Renaissance Man”, who was a person who had a wide understanding of many different subjects. Leonardo da Vinci was a talented young man who lived in Italy. He had initially been employed by Verrocchio, a talented painter. However, after seeing how…

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  • The Informative Essay: The Death Of Catherine De Medici

    arranged the marriage of Catherine's parents in an effort to maintain a strong relationship with Pope Leo X, whom just so happened to be Lorenzo's uncle, Giovanni de Medici. Both Giovanni and Francis had ulterior motives for their alliance - Francis wanted the Papal authority backing his claims for Milan and Naples, and Giovanni wanted one of the two continental super powers on his side during the battle for supremacy between France and Spain. When Lorenzo and Madeleine died, both Francis and…

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  • Henry's Failure To Obtain An Annulment Of His Marriage To Catherine By 1529.

    Do you agree with the view expressed in source three that the diplomatic situation was the main reason for Henry’s failure to obtain an annulment of his marriage to Catherine by 1529? It is obvious that there is more than one reason behind Henry’s failure to obtain an annulment of his marriage to Catherine by 1529. It is however possible to identify that the diplomatic situation did not help his case in getting an annulment and was most certainly a hindrance. The diplomatic status was of great…

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  • How Did Joan Of Arc Impact The World

    witchcraft and other crimes. Though having trouble to burn Joan to death the English still interrogated her and tried to get her to come to any wrongdoing. After trying for months, the English thought to force her to wear men’s clothing she could be accused for heresy. They gave her men’s clothing and to protect her modesty, Joan put them on knowing that she would be tried and be burned to death because of it. She was then brought in front of inquisitors to be sentenced to death. Then, on May…

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  • Essay On Martin Luther Heretic

    basically an attack on the bad things the church had done, specifically the selling of indulgences. Because of these 95 theses Martin Luther was called a heretic by many. Heresy can be defined as “opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church or religious system.”(Heresy,1) To fully understand this we need to define doctrine. Doctrine can be defined as “a body or system of teachings relating to a particular subject”. The ´particular subject´ in…

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  • Myth Of The Medici Family

    The Medici family were the powerful Italian family of bankers and merchants whose members ruled Florence for much of the 15th century. Cosimo and Lorenzo de' Medici were notable rulers and patrons of the arts in Florence. The family also provided four popes (including Leo X) and two queens of France (Catherine de' Medici and Marie de Médicis). Being in the money business, the Medici’s honed to a science making money using a complicated system of exchange (pawning) They paid the RC 2,000 florins…

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  • Should George Orwell's Animal Farm Essay: Can Authority Be Trusted?

    only monks who actually cared about their soul. A large number of the monks had used the title to become lazy and gluttonous, but they weren’t the only members of the church to abandon their true calling. To construct Saint Peter's Basilica, Pope Leo X gave permission to the Archbishop to sell indulgences. The Indulgences were sold as a way to be remove of all their sins and they ensured entry to heaven. The selling of indulgence troubled Luther, he thought people were ignorant to believe that…

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