Michelangelo's Style Of Art

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Michelangelo is one of the greatest artists in history. He showed his passion for art through his works, which have become masterpieces that are looked up to today. Many of his works of paintings, sculptures, and architectures are ranked highly in existences. The beauty of his work had made him an unmatched artist that many have tried to become. Michelangelo’s style of art resulted in the chain movement in the Western art after the high renaissance and was one most famous artist in the Italian renaissance. He was considered the greatest artist in his lifetime. Through his time from birth until death, Michelangelo creativity was built up to dominate the art world.
Michelangelo was brought into this world by father, Ludovico di Leonardo di
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During this time was when he started to engage in personalities from people as in Pico della Mirandola, Angelo Polizano, and Marisillio Ficino. By the age of 16, he produced two relief sculptures know as, the Battle of the Centarus and the Madonna of the Stairs, where he showed his style of precocious age. Michelangelo documented his first two works in a personal diary where he explains that his first piece of work was the Madonna of the stairs. He explains that Mary, Mother of God, is sitting on a rock where she foresees his death and is on his stairway of heaven. Then he explains his second piece of art known as, the Battle of the Centaurs, which was about the wild forces of life that are locked in a heroic combat. These two sculpture helped Michelangelo discover where is mind was set at and what his passion of theme was …show more content…
David is one of Michelangelo’s most prized prices of work. David is a gigantic marble sculpture that was created by him during the years of 1501 through 1504 after returning to Florence. The purpose of David was to be a patriotic symbol of a hero because of the time period Florence was going through with the threats towards them. David showed a model or heroic courage and expressed that his inner spiritual strength can overcome anything that comes his way. Also as well, Michelangelo represented David as an athlete that is concentrated and one who is ready for a fight. This sculpture David is showing a visible look of worry and holding a stone in his right hand. This sculpture not only had a lot of meaning to Michelangelo but to the village of

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