Antisemitism In Holocaust

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You look out over the mountains of naked corpses piled outside of the death camps and are hit by the awful stench that rises from them. As you see this terrible, abhorrent sight, you wonder how anyone could be convinced to do something like this to another people. Due to Christianity’s condemnation of them, the Jews have been the biggest victims of oppression and mistreatment over the past two millennia. However, these prejudicial and hatred-based actions came to a peak with the most infamous crime against humanity; the Holocaust. The accomplishment of this act is due in part by the support of the Catholic Church. Catholicism, being the predominant religion in Germany at the time, held extensive sway over the citizens of Germany. By continuing past narratives of hatred and following the narrative of the Nazi regime, the …show more content…
Without the Church challenging the way the Nazis portrayed the Jews, they were able to analogize the false characteristics given to them by religious antisemitism in the past, to new, unsavory characteristics given to them by the party. The book Antisemitism: A History, expounds upon this:
The legacies of older, narrower kinds of antisemitism [such as Christian anti-Judaism] provided points of contact to Nazism’s redemptive brand [of antisemitism] that both borrowed from and fed on them…. The notion that Jews were children of the devil who had betrayed and crucified Jesus prepared the way for the accusation that Jews were perfidious traitors to the fatherland. The image of Jews as enemies of Christianity merged with charges of Jews as the masterminds behind atheist communism. (199) This was one of their many effective strategies to bring down the image of the Jew in the public eye. Through popular religion and long-held prejudices against

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