Die Bundeswehr Research Paper

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Standing as the center of Europe’s economic force, Germany has transformed numerous times over the past century. From the tyrannical and hated country at the forefront of World War II to now being a formidable ally to not only the United Nations, but all of Europe and the world. Today, Germany has overwhelmingly exceeded the expectations of its post-World War II military, economic, and political downfalls. With the restructuring of its economy, Germany has now become the number one support channel within Europe. They have secured their spot as the ally to have in your corner. Germany is geographically a tiny country, measuring in at approximately the size of Texas, compared to its immense counterparts such as the United States or China. …show more content…
The new German government does not want to reenact its actions from World War II ever again. Die Bundeswehr, the German military, would operate as a completely different force than it did in the Second World War. The German military’s main objective in the 1940’s was the offensive, which meant to murder anyone who did not conform to Hitler’s policy. Germany’s present day military is mainly focused on self-defense. Die Bundeswehr is currently deployed to various countries, in support of several operations which involve NATO allies. The German force is also deployed in support of humanitarian causes. Although Germany is such a powerful country, its military compared to other countries is struggling. After the Cold War came to a standstill, die Bundeswehr, the East German Army and the National Volksarmee merged and the German defense budget was cut tremendously. Alongside the budget cuts the German Military was also challenged with cuts of their equipment. Budget cuts were affecting areas such as, ships, air craft, and armored vehicles. Overall the total it was approximately a 75% cut in equipment alone. On average, all allies of NATO should be spending about 2% of their GDP on their military (5). 1.2% is currently the amount that Germany is investing in its military, therefore, causing the readiness of Germany’s military to be well below 50%. Nevertheless, Germany being centrally located is tremendously beneficial to the United States Armed Forces. With the sustenance of the German Military, the US Forces are to deploy over twenty Patriot Launching Stations all throughout Germany, which aides them with their ARCENT

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