Impact Of Global Modernism

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Successful modern architectures have been survived throughout the world. Those architectures were adapted themselves to new circumstances so-called ‘region’ Since First World War, global modernism had a big impact on the Latin America. Modernism has become the dominant global movement. Not only modern architecture appears European cities and United States, but also a lot of Latin America cities have started have modern style of architectures. It was not familiar to area where they have their own culture, climate, distinct lifeway and vernacular architecture. Emergence of modernism was a contrast to idea of regional architecture which is regionalism. So, it is still big issue and make so many arguments nowadays. On the other hand, there are …show more content…
The MASP can collect people to socialize each other. This is the good example of how an architecture interact with the context. Basically, it is museum, but it gives new direction of a complex of a social place beyond notion of a conventional museum. It could be one prototype which is multi-purpose not only using this as recreational, but also campaign, market, concert, and dancing etc. As gathering people to one place, it could make new activities. The bank of London and South America plays a role as an example of harmonizing with context. It isn’t just outcome of the design, but also how this interact with people during the construction. People kept pay constant attention to this building. A lot of people came to the building to attend the inauguration. It makes people’s gathering and curiosity. Both architecture is harmonized with each region in their own way. An architecture always is designed with considering so many elements such as climate, culture, lifeway, and history. If the modernist architecture ruin the context, it doesn’t mean that architecture is communicate with context. An architecture shouldn’t be duplicated and transplant to anywhere. It is not how an architecture stand on the specific region. It must be transform based on context. We had big argument which is fighting between international style and regionalism. This argument constantly will be important topic. If an architecture try to listen a context, it will be replied the

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