Organic Architecture: Organic Architecture

Is It Organic Architecture, or Not?
Years ago, I was traveling out in western America and I discovered something truly remarkable. It was the buildings; they had aesthetics that blended in with their environment and landscape around them, appearing as if they were part of the desert (environment) themselves. Stone and marble rock garnered the front exteriors, much similar to the ones laying on the ground. The exterior walls had tan or brown stucco, giving the feel of the western desert. Then, the roofs, something I will never forget. The structures had red, brown, and tan clay tiled roofs which replicated the sunny, yet sandy deserts they inhabited. It was truly breathtaking to see how the colors and textures of these buildings perfectly
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If you’re not an architect or anyone associated with construction, this term, “organic architecture” probably means absolutely nothing to you. However, it may be slightly more important than how it first initially appears. Especially for any individual who thoroughly enjoys art, organic architecture is a very important aspect. The way I see organic architecture is a lot different; I think it’s a marvelous way to incorporate the environment around us into a form of art in a building. Just imagine this: a house designed just like its surroundings so well that it blends perfectly, This to me, is artistic ability at its finest. Anybody who knows anything about art, knows that art or the process of producing art is all about expressing yourself. In Wright’s case, he would design each structure as “organic architecture,” which is a way of expressing his philosophy and artistic ability through architecture. Which is absolutely phenomenal. So what truly is this idea of organic architecture? Why is it important? Well, it 's a way of creating and designing a structure so closely replicating its environment around it that the building almost appears as if it 's part of the environment itself. So next time you see a building or structure like this, think twice before just glancing over it and disregarding it because it 's not just any old building on the side of the road. It’s organic architecture, which should mean much more to you now than it previously

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