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  • Modernism In Latin America

    but contain profound understanding of space. It is evidence of the liberal economic notion which isn’t limited or restricted by certain object. It is happened interior space which is exhibition area as well. She doesn’t seem working with Mies Van der Rohe, the architecture is consisted of the elements which can find Mies’s masterpiece. For instance, Crown Hall has similar structure system which is using giant beam. Both use giant beam system on the roof, and it support hanging roof. It gives…

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  • Libertel Case: The Heidelberger Bauchemie Gmbh And KWS Saat

    Two other cases, the Heidelberger Bauchemie GmbH and KWS Saat , pertaining to color trade marks registration were brought to the ECJ after the Libertel case. In Heidelberger case, the issue focused was whether colors or combinations of colors formulated in the abstract and contourless are qualified as a trademark and satisfied Article 2 of the TMD .The applicant wanted to register blue and yellow color as a trade mark in Germany to distinguish certain goods and services in the building…

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  • Postwar Sarasota School Essay

    American regional modernism in the mid-century founded by Sarasota school of architecture in Sarasota, FL during the 1941 to 1966. Develop by the members, Paul Rudolph, Bert Brosmith, Ralph Twittchell, William Rupp, Victor Lundy, Tim Seibert, Jack West, Philip Hiss, Gene Leedy, Carl Abbot and Mark Hampton. Sarasota school of architecture was characterizing by climate, topography and Florida lifestyle, which influenced in the development of American Architecture. By 1950’s it expand to outside…

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  • Le Corbusier

    “An urbanist who lived in a fishing cottage, an iconoclast who invented the highrise, an architect who wanted to be a painter”. Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (1887-1965, commonly known as Le Corbusier), was a well known modern artist and architect from Switzerland, later situated in France. His career years were later in the modernism period, yet he is called ‘the grandfather’ of modern architecture. In this essay, I will be discussing how Le Corbusier’s work in painting and in architecture, was…

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  • Analysis Of Master Builders By Frank Llyod Wright

    Modernism, a revolution movement started in the 20th century, is a style when “form follows function”, as quoted from Louis Sullivan, the famous Frank Llyod Wright’s mentor. Wright was one of the pioneers of Modern Architecture and his masterpiece, the Fallingwater, was perhaps his best interpretation of Modernism. Located in rural Southwestern of Pennsylvania, the Fallingwater is so popular that it is often mentioned in many architecture books regarding its application to the site. B.B.…

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  • Allianz's Business Model

    About Allianz Allianz SE Allianz SE was found by Wilhelm Finck and Carl Thieme in 1890 and its headquarters are in Munich Germany. It is engaged in the provision of insurance and investment advisory services. Its business includes four different segments; life/health, property-casualty, asset management, and corporate and other. The life/health segment offers endowment and term insurance, annuities, unit-linked and investment-oriented products, long-term care insurance, and private and…

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  • Less Is A Bore Analysis

    simplification results in oversimplification…where simplicity cannot work, simpleness results. Blatant simplification means bland architecture” (Venturi, 1965). ‘Less is a bore’ contradicts many of the popular conventional modernist architects such as Mies van der Rohe who stated that “less is more”. Which means that the concept of design should be based on simplicity (Kahl, 2008). A prime example is the Barcelona Pavilion which used, pure design elements, right angles, unambiguous meaning and…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Impact On Society

    Frank Lloyd Wright designed well over a thousand different buildings during his life, most of which were residential, considering he was a domestic architect who believed that he had a greater impact on society by the structures he designed for people to live in. He believed that the people would benefit if their houses were well designed. Though he is well known for his efforts in residential housing, Wright also made his mark in commercial buildings with some notable projects such as the…

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  • Most Influential Designer: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

    Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was a German American architect that designed buildings and exhibitions, yet what made Ludwig different from other architectures is that he designed the furniture that was implicated in these structures. He was a designer in the 20th century and designed his products in the modern movement style. Ludwig was one of the most, if not the most influential designer during the 20th century period. He was one of the leading figures in the modern movement; he pushed this…

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  • Analysis Of Standing Child By Erich Heckel

    Erich Heckel was also part of the Die Brücke group. He was one of the more simple artists in this association. His works often showcased psychological insight and lyricism (Arnason 118). Many of his works were made out of woodcuts. Heckel created a colored woodcut entitled Standing Child in 1910 (Arnason 119). It is another work that features the young Frӓnzi Fehrmann. Ernst Kirchner’s Seated Girl is very modest compared to Heckel’s Standing Child. For this work, Frӓnzi is pictured fully nude…

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