Inventions In Walt Hitler's Propaganda During World War II

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“Propaganda is a monologue that is not looking for an answer, but an echo,” (W. H. Auden). World War II, like many other wars, was influenced by a myriad of different variables. One variable that echoed throughout America was propaganda. Propaganda was a major influence in the rally for overall support in America during World War II. They perpetuated government desired messages to the public. The propaganda’s intentions in World War II can be broken down into three major categories: war efforts, Anti-German and Anti-Japanese backing, and home front endeavors. Similarly, propaganda came in many forms, as the TV was starting to make itself known in the 1930s. These numerous forms include political cartoons, posters, novels, comic books, movies, …show more content…
One prime example of this can be found from the loving, child icon, Walt Disney. Many of his cartoons and animations depicted Germans, Italian, and Japanese men, mostly soldiers, being viewed as brute, inhumane, and bad people. One cartoon titled, “Der Fuehrer’s Face,” illustrated Donald Duck being awoken in a strange, awful place called Nutziland. There a marching band of Germans, Italians, and Japanese march through the streets praising Der Fuehrer’s Face, also known as Hitler. Donald Duck views it as awful and after a nervous breakdown, awakes from his dream and praises that he lives in America.
The last big theme that can be taken from a variety of propaganda is the efforts that the home front should be helping in. One way the government did this was through bestowing power to women and calling them to action. Many posters like the previously mentioned “Rosie the Riveter” instilled such power and called women to rise up. Another example would be the many posters that reminded allies to keep quiet. Posters were put up to remind citizens that, “Loose lips might sink ships.” All of these different themes and more were all used as a backing for US support in World War

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