Improving Witness Identification

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For this week’s assignment, I decided to participate in the study titled, Improving Witness Identification by researchers Mitchell Seymour and Mai Trinh of Edith Cowan University. The “aim of this study is to investigate processes that underlie identification procedures in the criminal justice system” (Scott, 2015). This study is presented in the format of a questionnaire, which is “a valuable way of gathering information about large numbers of people. [T]he results of questionnaires can be used in gathering attitudes and opinions from large numbers relatively quickly and efficiently” (Film Media Group, 2005). This study used mostly multiple choice questions, providing “quantitative date…which allow a limited number of possible responses” (Film Media Group, 2005). The study also …show more content…
As I have stated before, I am a major in Criminal Justice. While studying criminal justice, I found myself drawn to forensics and psychology. So, when I saw the category entitled, Forensic Psychology, I thought that a study under this category would be enjoyable for me. Knowing the difficulty in obtaining reliable witness identification, I was interested and curious to understand how the researchers would design a study to test witness identification. When beginning the survey, I was also pleased with the simplicity of the directions as well as the length of the study. As stated in the video Exploring Qualitative Methods, “It needs to be long enough to get the necessary information, but not so long that people lose interest” (Film Media Group, 2005). The study provided easy to understand and follow directions, a very appealing aspect. As stated in Conducting Field Research, “If it’s too complex or time-consuming, the recipient may throw it away” (Colorado State University, 2013). However, with only taking about 15 minutes of my time, this study was “easy and inviting” (Colorado State University,

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