Analysis Of The Upside Down Kingdom

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I plan to create awareness, share information, and I hope to motivate people within the range of my voice to engage in the concept and calling of The Upside Down Kingdom. I further hope to engage the congregation, as well as individuals, in new ways of thinking about liberation, ethics, and justice. Within the context of the Abundant Life Center, I believe the true meaning of these words have been minimized or lack of direction given in our ministries. Kraybill states, for example, “Justice has become a worn out, hallow expression, an abstract and detached battle cry.” The congregation struggles, just as Kraybill stated much of society does with honoring the true implications of injustices that effect so many. The primary function of society …show more content…
After the invitation to be involved was presented and accepted, we met and I shared my personal testimony of how the concepts of Kraybill’s book has transform my thoughts. We began studying The Upside Down Kingdom text for the worship July. Based on timing and other life circumstance, I asked the group to read the book and in three weeks we met to discuss. During those three weeks, I remained in communication through email and asked them a variety of questions to be considered during their time of personal study. These questions included prompts that would guide thoughts towards the four worship themes. Realizing this is an introduction to these concepts, I created a worship series of three weeks, focusing on opportunities for the congregation to understand our common calling to be peacemakers and to maintain links to the way of peace through our efforts in understanding more fully Christ’s mission. Christ’s model of service and the kingdom building task goes beyond mere awareness. Worship will create these first steps of awareness addressing the calling of The Upside Down Kingdom and introducing new ways of thinking about liberation, ethics, and …show more content…
Scripture Focus: John 4 Women at the Well
Theme Information: “Who am I?”, is a fundamental question for each of us to seek the answers. First, it answers the question of identity. Our identity questions indicate our social location, status, and how we interact. While identity questions don’t tell us everything about ourselves, identity categories reveal something about our social history, our position in the social system of problems and privileges, and how we are perceived. Secondly, “Who am I?”, is a fundamental question of our values and ethics, which asks what kind of person am I? This is a basic question of character. Character refers to what kind of person do I claim to be or want to be? Character also concerns what kind of person am I to become? Christian faith corresponds to a certain way of being in the world. Therefore, as a Christian our concerns might focus on who Christians are and how Christians are to be, act, and relate in the world and for the world.

Theme: What is right?
Scripture Focus: John 4 Women at the Well and Micah 6:8
Theme Information: “What is right?”, is a fundamental question of right action and right relationships. It concerns not only the way actions and relationships ought to be. It also concerns what is just and

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