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  • Mass Media's Ideal Body Image

    For women, I would call upon Victoria Secret, and for men, I would call upon Calvin Klein. Both of these two major brands are known for their models. All the Calvin Klein models are ridiculously fit with no fat what so ever on their bodies and muscles everywhere the eye can see, while all the Victoria Secret models are thin and have almost the same body shape with no fat anywhere the eye can see. Sounds familiar, right? Right, because the media ideal for males are thin-muscular bodies and the media ideal for girls are ultrathin bodies. With the fashion industry leading the charge for the ideals, it only makes sense to have the fashion industry lead the charge in combating these ideals, and who better to begin that campaign than the two brands that are known as brands obsessed with body image. Both Victoria Secret and Calvin Kline are mega brands with reach around the world and the ability to fund multimillions of dollars of different projects. If the two brands will redirect some funds through budgeting towards an initiative to create an educational program to support the awareness of ideals in the media, then they will start a wave. Other companies will begin to do the same, and a movement…

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  • Ad Analysis: Reveal By Calvin Klein

    ¬¬¬Playboy is a magazine published to entice the male genera with photos and ads that are designed to catch the attention of their male hormones. An ad for a cologne called Reveal by Calvin Klein shows a well-dressed man with a nude female celebrity in his arm behind a shiny silver cologne bottle (Reveal Calvin Klein 11). BonAppetit magazine is designed for both males and females with targets of varying ages with ads ranging from fashion to food products. There is an ad in particular that is…

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  • Calvin Klein: Social Media And Its Effects On Business

    EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY Calvin Klein dominates social media with their unique campaigns and effortless upkeep of their social media accounts. Popular with millennials, social media requires a lot of attention to keep consumers involved and interested. Although they have an elegant exterior, Calvin Klein does not forget that their target market includes millennials, of which are always on their social media accounts. Many businesses have made the leap to social media and have seen results. Calvin…

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  • Calvin Klein # Mycalvins Campaign: Two Way Symmetrical Communication Model

    Calvin Klein #MyCalvins Campaign Communication Method: Two Way Symmetrical Communication Model Communication Medium: The medium through which this campaign is received is through social media. The ‘#MyCalvins’ hashtag is used on all social media platforms, mostly Instagram. Communication Theory: This campaign encourages digital promotion of the brand through asking celebrities to post an image of themselves on Instagram wearing Calvin Klein apparel with the campaign line I____ in #MyCalvins,…

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  • Naomi Klein's No Logo Book Analysis

    Naomi Klein’s 1999 No Logo book not only explores but also challenges the impact globalized brands and companies have had on culture. Under the chapter titled “Threats and Temps” (10) she illustrates her point in the specific area of jobs and what they represent. When we enter the final part of the book, this including chapter 16, Klein describes what is known as “Culture Jamming” where advertising is now used as a tool to convey political messages against either corporations or society itself.…

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  • Analysis Of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine

    Naomi Klein argues that what happened in Iraq, and is part of a broader trend globally, is in many ways the opposite of economic and human development. Explain what she means, provide examples from Iraq, and argue EITHER in support of her analysis, or against her analysis. The argument presented by Naomi Klein in her work, “The Shock Doctrine” is that the privatization of the government in the form of disaster capitalism, as seen after the Invasion of Iraq, is counter to economic growth and…

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  • Pope Francis Analysis

    Environmental issues have been the talk of the town by many public figures recently, but it does not always seem to “stick” in the minds of the viewers. Both Pope Francis and Naomi Klein discuss the topic in great detail, but take different approaches in convincing their readers. Klein seems to evokes a great deal of negativity in her book, to the point where it questions the reader’s own actions and almost makes them feel that they are partially to blame for the current state of Earth. Pope…

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  • Roaring Twenties Research Paper

    repeal of Prohibition, many small beer manufacturers that had existed before did not return to the market. Although in retrospective review of the 1920s it is often considered the last period in US history, when the capitalist system remained dependent on the unregulated domination of robber barons, the role of the federal government continued to grow. In addition to supervision of compliance with Prohibition, the government assumed new roles and responsibilities, such as creating and…

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  • Expect To Be Called A Stand Patter Essay

    I like the quote "Expect to be called a stand patter, but don’t be a stand patter. Expect to be called a demagogue, but don’t be a demagogue," in the speech given by Calvin Coolidge at Massachusetts. It might have a different meaning but to me, it means not to be what people call us. This is a common problem in the world today. We live by what people call us; our every steps and breaths are determined by people. A few weeks ago in my Chem class, a friend of mine asked me a question. She said,…

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  • Martin Luther Influence On The Reformation

    Introduction Historical Situation Christianity in the early 16th and 17th centuries went through a very rough and turbulent ride. Some may even argue that we are still feeling the effects of this time today. This was a time of great progress and change in the Catholic Church and much of Europe. This time saw many great minds and brought about many reformers. Some of the many were Huldrych Zwingli, Martin Luther, John Calvin and Erasmus. This in my opinion was the start of one of the most…

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