The Importance Of Personal Wholeness

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Personal Wholeness, according to my definition, is not a specific destination. It is a process full of steps we must all take in order to better ourselves in every aspect of our lives. In the Bible, being whole is described as “Shalom” which means completeness, health, peace, welfare, rest, harmony etc. We are called as Christians to live our lives to the absolute fullest (John 10:10) and in order to do this, we must take every area in our live into account when trying to move closer to gaining personal wholeness. There are many different area’s that play into personal wholeness such as social, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, and environmental. The Intellectual facet was one of the most interesting facets that we went …show more content…
Ever since studying this facet, I have been trying to make sure that I take this time for myself whenever I can because I tend to get over-stressed and worked up about schoolwork or other problems I may be having in certain relationships in my life. Another way that I really like to clear my mind is by getting out into nature and going for a walk to just take my mind off whatever is bothering me and put my focus on something else. It also helps to take a walk after I have been studying for a while cause it gets out some of my energy and refocus on what I am trying to learn or get done.
Last but certainly not least, we focused on being spiritually whole, and how it is the foundation on which all other facets are built on. This topic covered what you believe in and what you feel like you are living for and your relationship with God. We as Christians are called to follow God and put Him first in every aspect of our lives which can be really hard to do sometimes. As life goes on and things get more complicated and crazy, it becomes more difficult to make God the number one priority because we have so many other things going
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It really changed my thinking in the way that now when I start thinking about relapsing into my old, unhealthy habits I think about everything I have going for me in my life at this point and how relapsing will set me back in every way. Remembering this has really helped me stay on track especially with my issues with food. Every time I start thinking about not eating I remind myself that if I do that I will also have to deal with all the repercussions that come with being unhealthy in that way which then keeps me from

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