Analysis Of Amanda Hiner's Article: Critical Thinking And The Techno Brain

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Hiner’s article also discusses the notion that we are developing “techno brain” and that use of our technology is rewiring our brains and affecting our ability to critically think. Technology has advanced so much over these last couple of years and has caused humans to depend on technology for literally almost everything. Throughout the media fast quite a few positive aspects came about from it which would include more sleep, less stress, more free time, and the ability to work on social skills.
As a freshman at Winthrop University I was required to take ACAD 101. ACAD is a class that is essential for all first-time freshman. This course introduces students to the “concepts, principles, and skills for higher learning and facilitates students’ adjustment to and engagement in the learning academy (Winthrop). As students we are told in ACAD classes that in a week if we attend class for at least 15 hours, study for 30 hours, sleep for 56 hours, eat for 14 hours, and waste an additional 10 hours, then we are still left with 43 hours of free time each week. What we do with our leftover time is up to us.
Accompanying this paper is Amanda Hiner’s article, “Critical Thinking and the Techno Brain”. This article discusses the fact that we as humans are developing “techno brains” and that the use of technology
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This fast was to be 24 hours without any form of technology, unless an emergency was present. This fast proved to be more difficult than my previous fast. This fast was more difficult due to my friends trying to get in contact with me and facing boredom. My week long fast a few years ago was easier due to being in a hospital and having no technology allowed. This allowed me to meet many new people face-to-face and not behind a small, bring screen. It also allowed me to focus on myself and not become so caught up in other people’s lives and/or

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