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  • Essay On Calypso

    Calypso The rhythmic music of Calypso can be traced to the African slaves whom were brought to work on the plantations of Trinidad. Having been forbidden from communicating with each other, the slaves used songs as a form of expression. They used Calypso, which originates from the West African kaiso. Although colonized by the Spanish, Trinidad also received innumerous French immigrants, and after sometime the British took control over the island. With this vast impact, Trinidad was able to develop Calypso in a unique style. For example, many calypsos were sung in a French-Creole dialect called patois, in which the songs were typically led by a griot to unite the slaves. Calypso singing competitions, held annually at Carnival time, grew in popularity…

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  • Infidelity In The Odyssey Essay

    I want to discuss is over indulgence, while not as prominent as the other two it is still very important because it leads to the other themes mentioned. Humanity at it 's core always wants more they also want what they can 't have. In today’s day and age there people are always desiring the forbidden fruit which can be many different things. Crimes are committed for this reason sometimes, spouses are unfaithful and people drive knives in each others back all just to satisfy that one craving. We…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ogygia

    winged hat in his hand. “Lady Calypso,” he offered. “My reason is not a happy one.” I tensed my shoulders, aware of what he was going to say but further betraying no emotion. “You see,” the god continued. “I have been sent by the Council of the Gods, by Lord Zeus himself, backed by Lady Athena. He demands that you release your prisoner immediately and send him back on his quest. He has overstayed his welcome and must return to the issue at hand.” I slumped in defeat but my voice was…

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  • Calypso In Greek Mythology

    The origins of Calypso are unclear, due to her mythological existence. However, there are three very famous accounts of Calypso’s origins. According to Homer, Calypso is a nymph who takes orders from the gods. He also said that she is the daughter of Atlas, the titan who must bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, for waging war with his brothers against the gods. Hesiod stated that she is the daughter of titans Tethys and Oceanus, so she is one of the Oceanids, a kind of sea nymph.…

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  • Loyalty In Odysseus 'And Calypso'

    In order to attain a successful and happy life, both The Odysseus and “Calypso” show that the most important quality to possess is loyalty; as it strengthens trust and builds relationships. It is said that loyalty is only needed when you are near someone, and does not lead to success or happiness, but “Calypso” by Homer suggests differently. In “Calypso” Odysseus stays loyal at heart while far away from home and his wife, which leads to his success of getting home. Even though Odysseus is far…

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  • History Of Calypso Essay

    Oxford Pocket English Dictionary, Calypso is defined as “a kind of West Indian music or song in syncopated African rhythm, typically with words improvised on a topical theme”. The origin of the word ‘Calypso’ has been an almost controversial one as some argue that it is a derivation from the Hausa word “Kaiso” which means “bravo” whilst others argue that the word was derived from the French word “carrousseaux” which means “a drinking party”. It was also claimed to be a play on the Spanish word…

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  • Jacques Cousteau Research Paper

    adventures. In 1937, he married Simone Melchior, and had two sons, Jean-Micheal and Phillipe. Simone died in 1990, so he remarried Francine Triplet whom he had another son and a daughter. When World War II began Cousteau and his family went to a small town near the Swiss border and secretly continued to do underwater experiments until 1943 when he met a French engineer who he developed the first Aqua-Lung with. The Aqua-Lung allowed divers to stay underwater for a longer period. After this…

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  • The Importance Of Carnival

    Carnival is a celebration of different colors which converts into beautiful customs, calypso and steel pan music, different forms of dancing, foods, and Caribbean style arts that fascinates thousands of people from many different parts of the world. Trinidad and Tobago carnival is a once a year event with a combination of many different activities. The main purpose of the carnival is to reveal their culture and way of life by bringing everyone together. Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island,…

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  • Analysis Of Calypso By Suzanne Vega

    This poem, "Calypso", by Suzanne Vega, is a poem about the Nymph, Calypso, setting Odysseus free. I think the tone of the poem is lonely, but proud: I feel a sense of yearning, but she is still standing strong and letting Odysseus go. There are many metaphors and similes in this poem. One example of a metaphor in this poem is, "My garden overflows, thick and wild and hidden." By using this metaphor, I get a lot of images flowing through my mind. I picture a cave, filled with green vines and…

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  • Steel Drum Music Analysis

    imagine yourself in a tropical surrounding. The AISD concert, conducted by CJ Menge, which took place April 14, 2012 certainly did not disappoint. The concert was performed in Austin, Texas and featured steel drum bands from seven middle and high schools in the area. The first piece, Cool it Down is relatively new to the streets of Trinidad, played during Carnival season. It is also considered a soca-style piece, which is a fairly new type of steel drum music. Most of the steel drum music heard…

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