Understanding My Calling Essay

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As I was sitting in class one day, my professor prepared to ask us a question. I centered all my theological knowledge into one area of my brain, and was ready to analyze whatever came through. I was ready. He asked, “Can God cut down a tree with a floppy fish?” Completely flabbergasted, I was unaware of what to say or think, except that God could do anything he wished, so yes. Then he said, “But wouldn’t it be so much easier with a sword.” It then occurred to me that I was the floppy fish. Instead of sharpening myself to be used by God, I was being beaten, bruised, and was causing a bloody mess. This is why understanding my calling is imperative to furthering the Kingdom of God. God has given each of us a unique calling. God created me, like everyone else, with a divine design that only I can fulfill – if I’m willing to be sharpened. God doesn’t leave us to squander – he helps us discover our calling by showing us our gifts, our experiences, our hearts, and our personalities. Understanding ourselves …show more content…
First off, the call to faith. God has called me to put my faith in him and believe in him. The call to faith is a purpose for all people. Without this first calling, the following purposes for my life could not be fulfilled. The next purpose for my life is my call to minister – my call to share the gospel with those I encounter. Similarly, this purpose is one for all mankind as well, and one that can be done at any time in life. Lastly, my divine design is my call to vocational ministry. This calling is unique, not more important, to certain members of the church. This is the call to shepherd God’s people. To lead, feed, and protect the people of God, in whatever ways I can. This calling is meant for me in the future, and certainly does not come without a price, but it also brings God’s

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