My Calling Essay

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"the call"—a unique, divine assignment given by God for his purposes, which requires faithful and active obedience, unwavering commitment, and devotion from the one called. (Robinson, N. (2014, January 28).
God 's calling to missions is not authoritative the way the Scriptures are. The calling should never be challenged. Our calling is in our own heart. The calling is the work of God to bring our heart closer to conviction. This conviction is of God, and it delivers utter peace.
Everyone is in search for their purpose in life. They need this purpose and understanding so they can realize what they were put on this earth to do. If you have been around church for any length of time, you have most likely been told that God has a plan for your
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The dictionary defines it as “vocation, profession, or trade; a call or summons; a strong impulse or inclination.” It is a particular path or series of actions. (Just, A. 2014, November 13). This Identity is what mold people’s characteristics. Your understanding of these characteristics will unfold within time. No matter what or where people are going, these elements will follow.
My calling was illustrated by becoming a youth leader, a worship leader, and a teacher at different points in my life. All these roles empower my deep love for sports, kids, and the church. Currently my primary role is being a father to three small children. However, the calling came after my first soccer game. I coached some inner city kids the game of soccer for the first time. We trained for a few weeks then competed in season of games. These kids fell in love with the game of soccer. They were able to escape whatever was bothering them and have fun learning effort and teamwork.
I knew this was my calling when I started seeing the smiles and determination in the kids’ faces. The realization of that call came down like a bolt of lightning. After the enlightenment there was sudden awareness of this surprising call that took control of my life. “I chose you…” (John
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Christians acknowledge the physical dimension of spirituality and can practice faith through sport activities. Sport engages us, not only the physical but mentally and spiritual as well. It can powerfully affect our emotions, mental states, and spiritual lives (Gamboa, E. 2014, June 23). Our experiences and physical abilities in sports can be uplifting as well as disappoint us. When we view sports only as a physical activity, participants will miss the important divine moments that engages our personal calling.
There is a tradition in Western Culture of placing high value on sports and work. Interest in multiple characteristics of the importance has grown over the recent years. The characteristics include how it relates to their identity, how it shapes them and how to balance work, life, and religion. Work is a means of self-expression.
Most studies of work focus exclusively of the work commitment, work involvement and work as a central life interest. ( Davidson, J. (2011, April 15). Religion influences the way people think of work. Essentially work is a calling. (Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (Impact Factor:

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