Contract management

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  • The Success Hotel Case

    The main legal issue in this scenario is whether Elena can sue The Success Hotel for the loss of her property valuables on the very last day of her stay in the hotel. The general principle of law relating to this issue is the exemption clauses being put up by the management of this hotel. This hotel has many signs that tells the management will not be responsible for the valuables lost if these items are not given to the front desk for safe-keeping, these are the exemption clauses made by the hotel which is a contractual stipulation that seeks to exclude the liability of one party to a contract. This principle of law was established in the case of Olley v Malborough Court (1949). In this case, the court held that if the parties had a history of past dealings with the management or in this case, hotel, then the…

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  • Changing Employment Relationships

    According to Anjali Chaudhry’s research, “In response to globalization and increased competition, organizations are implementing change programs such as downsizing, corporate mergers, restructuring, and sometimes outsourcing to stay competitive. With the recent economic downturn, it seems likely that the new workplace reality will significantly redefine employment relationships and have an impact on individuals’ psychological contracts.” (Anjali Chaudhry, 2011). Therefore, these external factors…

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  • Interest-Based Bargaining Case Study

    have already examined the effects that positional bargaining has labor-management relations and producing innovative agreements. Later, I will also examine positional bargaining and interest-based bargaining’s effect on intra-party relations. The model used to examine these relations also takes into account the trust between each party and their use of power, as these variables have effects on labor-management relations, innovative contracts, and…

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  • Summary: Operator R

    Now, let’s us take a look at how the updated revenue recognition standard will impact the real estate industry. In the real estate sector, contracts with customers entails various services. Under the new standard, entities in this sector will need to determine whether these services should be treated as a separate contract. The identification of performance obligations can be complex as well for the real estate sector. Below is an example about the identification of performance obligations (EY,…

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  • Privatization In Schools Essay

    According to Mathis and Jimerson, “It also purportedly frees school leaders from non-instructional responsibilities so that they can concentrate on their primary mission of ensuring that children are learning” (p. 5). Privatizing can save money and truly provide the services that are agreed upon in the contract. “The school board and administrators must be extremely careful as they consider contracting out” (Mathis and Jimerson, 2008). The school is a large provider of employees for a…

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  • Artist/Manager Vs. Partnership Negotiation

    Firstly, I was able to focus on trying to determine a solution for the issue and not a battle of personalities. Second, It let me see that we both had similar interests. Stability was important to both the artist and I. With this knowledge, we were able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. 3. Give an example of how you used objective criteria (such as what specific statistics, precedents, industry standards, etc. you used/researched) to get what you wanted in either the Artist/Manager or…

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  • Overland Trucking Case Study

    Costs =$2.20-1.65= $0.55/mile Breakeven units= Fixed Costs/UCM =$20,000/0.55=36,363.64 miles per year Incremental UCM= $0.55/mile * 3000 miles* 52 weeks= $85,800 per year Incremental profit=$85,800-20,000= $65,800 per year $65,800 * 5 years= $329,000 over the life of the 5 year contract 6. Overland might use an independent contractor because they don’t want to incur any debt when purchasing a rig. Using a contractor might also help them increase the efficiency of their organization not need…

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  • Lifting The Corporate Veil Case Study

    v Lipman Mr Lipman signed a contract with Mr Jones to sell his land then he refused to complete the sale by build up a company. Mr Lipman claimed that the land at that moment belonged to the company rather than himself. The judge enforced the contract as the company was just a façade. Other examples such as an employee forming a company to compete with employer’s firm (Gilford v Horne) or majority shareholders setting up another company to force minority shareholders to sell their shares (Re…

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  • Case Study: Grievant Employee

    08/03/16 with grievant limited activities. Going to the DIOSS and Flat Sorter machine are within the physical limitation the grievant. The doctor does not tell the agency what type of job to provide the limited duty work. Management posed no Safety and Health violation against the grievant under Article 14 of the CBA. A modified job offer for Limited/Light Duty employees is provided according to their medical requirements. Physical restrictions is the determining factor not, color, age,…

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  • 11 Shift Overtime Case Study

    According to this week’s text, a union is merely an organization that represents an employee’s interest on issue to management on things such as wages, work hours and employment conditions (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2012, p. 504). In doing some brief research in regards to police unions, which are several pros as well as several cons as it relates to the union. On the pro side, it brings all participants together into a family like atmosphere, they can lobby for better wages and…

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