Five Standards Of Ethical Decision Making

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Ethical decision making is a part of life and provides a glance of an individual’s character. This document centers on the decision that Lauren was required to reach regarding a quality management issue that arisen during testing of a client’s product. It provides a brief account of the problem and the systematic phases that were in use to derive a decision of what course to follow. To formulate this decision a framework was utilized that outlined what questions needed to be answered. These questions included identifying the ethical issues, getting the facts, assessing alternate solutions, making a decision, testing the decision, and evaluating the outcome. Also, the five standards of ethical decision making were defined, which included …show more content…
Her organization recently received a contract from another company who needed to outsource the fabrication of a part intended for a much larger product.
Later, after testing of the product was conducted, it was discovered that the product was slightly below the requirements. Lauren conveyed the outcome of the test to her supervisors and they articulated since the results were merely slightly off to continue to full production. Lauren was left with the predicament of adhering to management and validation of the test report or taking her case to senior management, which could have negative results for her career and the company.
According to Velasquez et al. (2009), “ethics refers to standards of behavior that tell us how human beings ought to act.” There are basically five ethical standards that people fall into and they are the “utilitarian approach, the rights approach, the justice approach, the common good approach, and the virtue approach” (Velasquez et al., 2009). As a result, this conflict compels Lauren to debate what decision she will arrive at regarding the test
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The slight deviation from the specifications was not considered to be an enormous issue with management, but in my opinion, this is a decision that falls on senior management since it could affect its contractual obligations by not meeting the requirements. This decision will cause the minimum amount of loss to all parties involved since senior management will be able to agree on a course of action to guarantee the client procures their product on time and Lauren’s organization meets its contractual

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