Ethics Mini Case Study: Core Ethical Beliefs

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Ethics Mini Case Study
Hassan E. Hussein
Metropolitan State University
May 28, 2017

Core Ethical Beliefs
An individual’s personal values play an important role in acting as a ground for differentiating between right and wrong, thus determining a person’s daily actions and emotions. Education and parents affect the development of people’s core ethical beliefs, such as responsibility, integrity, ambition, excellence, and family. It is noteworthy that a person’s core ethical beliefs are significant principles that unconsciously or consciously influence their ethical conduct and thinking (Head, 2006). In particular, these precepts play a critical role in shaping one’s ethical responses and have a capability to reflect
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To begin with, the utilitarian standpoint indicates that ethically sound actions are experienced when they generate excellence for the greatest number. In this case, an action needs to be examined according to the degree of benefit or limitation it contributes as well as the influences on all parties involved (Baron, 2003). The perspective is meant to alleviate harm and optimize benefit by utilizing the approach of obtaining the greatest good for the greatest number. Precisely, the utilitarian standpoint is all about making decisions that cut across the needs of all involved …show more content…
In the case of laying off workers, the enterprise would violate natural rights. On the contrary, if it decides not to fire its employees, it would go against its employer rights (White & Taft, 2004). Therefore, a concrete solution must be determined to ensure that both parties are not affected. For instance, the company can introduce innovative technologies in its production processes to mitigate operational costs (White & Taft, 2004). Last but not least, according to justice perspective, the founders of the enterprise are required to consider universal factors, such as respect and equality of human rights. Therefore, the dilemma in question can be solved; thus, the company will have to respect and provide equality to its employees as far as job opportunity is

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